Be A SuperHero! (and a cool nerd)

Be a Super Hero, I dare you  to help people, just like you, all over the world.  I have a scientifically proven method to turn average teens and young people into SuperHeros!  (Be a superhero like the characters in my stories!)   I did what I am suggesting for you,  long ago Businesswoman opening shirt in superhero style against blue sky over cloudsand if you are brave enough to try it, you can become a SuperHero too! I double dare you!

There are young and old people who are left out of the internet social scene and opportunities to use their talents creatively, who could use your help.  They don’t have access to home computers (or smart phones) to be socially interactive on line,  to share their thoughts, creative writing, create art work or  their unique music creations.  They simply cannot afford access to technology many of us take for granted.

What I discovered years ago is you can help them and it is far easier than it was years ago.  Years ago I would Talentsdecommission computers from my office, take them home and get parts to upgrade and renew them. Then I would donate them to churches, synagogues or people in need.  It served a great purpose. Later I began taking used windows computers, upgrading them and adding Ubuntu (the free, easy to use Linux Operating System) to them instead of windows. This was like magic youth tonic for older computers!  First of all with the right version of FREE Ubuntu any windows computer will be faster. Even better, there is pretty much NO software to buy no matter what you want to do!  You can download a FREE linux software program of nearly any program you need to communicate socially or express and develop your special talents. In fact nearly everything you need comes already installed.  If you want to record music in multiple tracks, use Audacity, its free!  If you want to do lots of what photo-shop does, use Gimp, its free.  If you want to write, there is an entire suite of word-processing and publishing software called LibreOffice, its free!  It just like getting apps for your smart-phone, and nearly everything you will ever need is free, including the operating system with full regular long term support. You can even use your favorite browser like, FireFox or Chrome.

So how about meeting the challenge of helping people all over America (and even world wide) to get access to social media and the tools to develop their talents?

Here is the plan — learn about Ubuntu (a version of Linux) And Join Us!

  1. Know what Ubuntu means “a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.”
  2. Two teen programmers talk about why they love Linux (Ubuntu)  and love Google
  3. Ubuntu, an approach to world peace – run by 1000s of volunteers around the world, just like you!
  4. Join Ubuntu On FaceBook,  1,245,465   Total Page Likes
  6. ………………………….  more to come!   This is a work in progress as of 10-4-2015