Views Of Reality

Janr Ssor’s Views Of Reality

Once upon a late night dreary, As I pondered asleep and weary, There came an insight deep and scary, Could all reality be this eerie? If so, I would have to write about it and share it with others!

So began the journey of  Janr Ssor,  an author of Science-fiction, Fantasy and an eclectic array of essays as well as novels. Janr’s essays include topics such as: science, science fictionmysticismmedicine, alternative health care, politics, philosophy, and more.

Janr's books BurningFrom Janr’s experience with lucid dreaming and the hypnagogic state, come many unusually colorful, creative, visual experiences that will change your view of the world forever.  Janr’s  full length publications are most often  Sci-Fi, through which Janr takes you on a  journey behind the very fabric of space and time.  A journey, at times, experienced by those who transcend our banal existence through meditation or mushroom like intoxication. The colorful, imaginative journey’s will imprint themselves on your memory, as if you had been at a movie;  however,  it is the mystical and science based views of our universe that will make you wonder….is this really possible?   Janr’s sleep patterns changed his life forever and thanks to his skills as a wordsmith, they will do the same for you.  Janr did not expect this, he only sought sleep and a nights refuge from the intensity of his daily life, but such is destiny.

What was Janr’s experience like?  … It was 4:30 am again. Janr often thought of it as the bewitching hour. He wanted to sleep and so he closed his eyes and meditated as he had done for many years.  Now, deeply relaxed and divorced from his body, the dream persisted but with new depth and discovery through lucid dreaming, in a state of hypnagogic imagery. Here is an excerpt from, “Not Kid’s Games.“

“…A few minutes later, or so it seemed, the wall of the room seemed to melt and become a doorway into a garden.  There a tall man with the head of a smiling lion beckoned us to follow him along a path by a blue fluorescent river.  As Q and I walked behind the 7-foot tall being, we noted that the dense jungle had the most marvelous aromatic scents I could imagine. The small vines on our path had deep brick red berries that resembled raspberries. They were falling from the vines nearly everywhere. Some of the berries also chose to fall upward and as they rose high in the air, they grew larger and larger until they became a cloud of rosy dust that painted pictures in the azure sky. When we stepped on the berries on the ground, a strong scent of fresh ginger filled the air …”

Janr Ssor discovered, long ago, that meditation took him to places others never experienced.  Then these deeply meditative experiences began on their own, after 4:30 am awakenings from sleep.  Janr had used meditation to get back to, what he hoped would be, sleep but found instead that the hypnagogic state of lucid dreaming would replace sleep and for the most part, provide the healing of sleep for his physical body.  However on occasions, Janr was still physically tired.  Janr was finding it increasingly tiring to lose sleep and work,  so he saw his friend Marcy, a psychologist.  Instead of learning how to sleep better,  he learned that he had spent much of his life in the alternative state,  while actually making an effort to be part of the “reality” others lived in!

Janr’s friends always said, in a complimentary way, that  he lived “outside the box.”  Janr always had a different way of looking at situations;  he did not live as others did.  Janr always believed that there was no OutSideTheBox01limit to the opportunity to be creative, given enough time.  Janr studied mysticism, theology, science, philosophy always seeking to find the truth about reality.  What he discovered was that the truth was that there is no truth,  that reality is created by us for us,  that as Shirley MacLaine said we are actors on a stage of our creation.

Then it was time to share these insights.   A recent full length Sci-Fi publication came from these hypnagogic experiences and is titled, TIMELESS SEARCH.   It is more than sci-fi; perhaps it is sci-fantasy,  as one of our readers classified it.   Walt Disney said, “I would rather entertain with the hopes of educating,  than educate with the hopes of entertaining.”  This is the basis of all of Janr’s Sci-Fi publications.


4 comments on “Views Of Reality

  1. You can certainly see your expertise in the article you write.
    The sector hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

  2. Thanks for your question. I would recommend my short story, “The Touch.” It is here on SmashWords,
    Or here on Amazon:

    In “The Touch” Janr was having recurrent dreams of a beautiful redhead he had never known. He had to get her out of his mind and focus on the DARPA tracking software he was writing. Janr would soon learn, what any masseuse knows, that memories are not just in your head. The death of Janr’s dream girl friend, over 300 years ago, would become part of his life, in a way he could never have imagined!

    This is one of my favorite stories because it could take place in any home in America today. It does not require high tech, it does not require a uniquely imaginative future, it needs no special set if it was a movie. It could easily be a play on a simple stage. It is simply a believable alternative reality, one I personally have experienced through past life regression thanks to my friend Saundra Blum, author of ” Footsteps Through The Sands Of Time.” I also highly recommend Saundra’s non fictional magical book:


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