How Dangerous Is Hollywood?- Scandal!

news-517380_640The TV show “SCANDAL” episode release 1/26/17 is apparently about the Vice President of the USA killing the President!

Is Hollywood suggesting that this might be a good way to get rid of Trump?

Could Pence be setup as the fall guy for such a crime to get them both out of the way?

Is Hollywood really this crazy? Here is a link to this plot that must be nothing but coincidence especially coming from Hollywood, right?

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent psychiatry says TV shows promoting violence often engender its creation. 

But of course, Hollywood Elitists don’t read or concern themselves with the violence and criminal-1577887_640disruption of American Free Choice Elections as they are just too smart to have to do such mundane things like the rest of us “deplorable”  Americans.

Hollywood and its radical liberal friends are all about gun control and ending violence…. except when it pays them well and elects their favorite candidate…. or eliminates the opposition.







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