Becomes RightWing Media By Stealing Your Friends & Your Work!

meetupUsing YOUR money, YOUR work and YOUR organizations membership,  has commandeered all you have done to create social groups for their personal political, Anti-Trump goals!

If GMAIL would take your contacts list and start sending them Anti-Trump messages, Most of America would drop them for anything else.  Well appears to have done the same thing!

Consider this: Up until now every meetup gets equal placement on’s landing screens (phone or computer) to give us all equal opportunity and not let anyone “steal” your groups members by advertising to them.  Now however, EVERY log in on your phone will have the screen taken over by a screen that reads EXACTLY as the communists did to try to enlist financially troubled Americans. They are promoting a big display supposedly for “Democracy,” but really about the Anti-Trump financed radical elitists in America (Hollywood Celebrities and other extreme left wing causes they support). has apparently joined the Hollywood Elitist celebrities in attacking America & Its President! They have done this is a simple and not so subtle way by giving prominence to a radical leftists funded group #Resist!

It’s time to RESIST’s political marketing to your organization’s members! There are other Social Meeting platforms that have not stolen your contacts like:  

Join in and PROTEST the abuse of your organization and contacts by writing to today!

Tell them how you feel on Twitter:

Tell them how you feel on FaceBoo:

Call: (212) 255-7327


Topics Copied From Venomous Pages At  #Resist Groups: 

How Do Others Feel?………………….



Call: (212) 255-7327

Strike back:  Have Fun Read The Right Boycott suggestions 🙂

4 comments on “ Becomes RightWing Media By Stealing Your Friends & Your Work!

    • If I push back you mean complaints there were none. I did receive lots of positive support on all the social media, especially by instant messenger because people were afraid of Meetup!

    • There’s a new kid on the block called their software is far better and it actually works all the time. If people promote it it will make Meetup look as pathetic as it is. But, Facebook is liberal too! I’m not sure we want them to control more of the media.

  1. My February 17th comment:

    So I’m hoping that Facebook’s Mr. Zuckerberg will see this…….The multi-million worldwide platform has, over the past year, made some questionable changes in service that have group organizers fuming. Now to add insult to injury, has gone political ramming their Progressive/Permissive (read anti-Trump) views down our throats.

    Just in the past few weeks they have been using the platform to promote what they term #resist groups to obstruct the President. All of this, mind you, is being force-fed on a service that is quite costly for group organizers and no longer easy to navigate.

    Mr. Zuckerberg – With some minor modifications, you could easily incorporate a new group organizing option which would be a reliable source of additional revenue with minimal work on your part.

    You would crush the cockroach that is and very quickly add million$ in new found dollars.

    I would be pleased to consult with your people and together we could make a killing…….

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