A Possible Safe Cure For Gastric Reflux from A Hiatal Hernia.

For years I have followed the healthcare recommendations of Dr David Williams.  He was always well ahead of his times and almost without exception right about his alternative health care recommendations. Here in a short Youtube video, Dr. David Williams will demonstrate this easy self treatment procedure.

Many years ago a Chiropractor did something like this for my reflux issue and it worked magically for the next 20 years.  If you suffer from what is called a Hiatal Hernia and associated gastric reflux, you may choose to try Dr William’s technique or the other technique below (from MastertheBody) which my friend the Chiropractor did for me.

Since this is America and people sue each other for fun and profit, please 
note and accept the following disclaimer:  If you decided to try either,
process please note that you do this at your own risk and have no right 
to take any action against me. If you feel otherwise, then do not follow 
any of the recommendations form the YouTube videos here below. 


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