The Women’s March Drowns In Its Associations!


I asked my friends, what is the purpose of a women’s march on washington.  Don’t the women understand that Trump is our president and he is not going anywhere? I am proud of the many women who had a big enough dream to take action on it; just sad that it failed to have the meaning they intended, in my mind and that of so many others.

Unless you are a die hard liberal watching only CNN and MSNBC, women marching on Washington were meaningless to the rest of America,  even though they should not have been so trivialized. It certainly seemed this way to me at first, until I saw a very bright lady who I respect, Michael T.,  holding a sign and marching in the protest!  My first knee jerk reaction was “how sad.”  My second reaction was “maybe she is there for a reason I don’t understand?”  How could this be?  I keep up on the news and watch some liberal as well as conservative media.  Then it occurred to me, their message was drowned out by the messengers they were associated with!  I had written a comment on Facebook that I regretted in afterthought. Now however I understood the waste of time, money and energy women from all over had poured into this useless procession. Their message was drowned out by the elitist, arrogant messengers and violent thugs,  guilt by association!

lootersThe voice of intelligent women was drowned out in the freak show of their leadership and supporters. There is no lack of disgust most Americans can express  at the media and its darling children of looters and violent criminals! Peaceful Protesters do not smash windows to steal and burn homes and cars as a form of protest!  Mainstream America is tired of the fat ugly, arrogant faces of people like Michael Moore or the ‘celebrity’ egotist elitists who look down on the average American as mentally as impoverished trash known now as deplorables. There was even the question of one of  the well dressed muslim leaders of the march for her association with Hamas and other terrorist organizations.  Couldn’t America’s  women’s march have done better?  One organizer For DC Women’s March, Linda Sarsour, Is Pro Sharia Law with Ties To Hamas as noted at meetings of her islamic friends.  She touts the benefits of Sharia law here in a sharia-law-linda-sarsour
tweet to friends.

Were there no female executives with advertising skills that could have recognized the distaste for the people they chose as their speakers?  Madonna? Really!  If you are talking about women being respected why tie your image to a crude, loud, arrogant female who has never represented female dignity? She represents public “pussy” not female elegance!

madonna-trashThe sleazy overpaid singer, Madonna,  used several obscenities, like “F**K” word, during a speech at the Women’s March on Washington to emphasize her “emotional” response to
Mr. Trump (says the liberal media).  She resents Trump’s private backroom male arrogance but likes the “F” word in public and thinks it means something!  Yes, it means she is wealthy trash!  Then to make things worse she said,  “Yes, I am angry,  Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing litterup the White House.” This is a great leader and public speaker for women who want to earn respect!

What is the aftermath of the women’s march.  What will people remember after all this
travel, expense and stress.

Probably just what was left on the streets of Washington, trash.  What a shame that the women of America chose to follow such poor leadership.  What a shame that they could not distance themselves from the looters and rioters that followed their idols, those like Michael Moore.







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