While The E.U. Consider Legal Rights for Robots, America deals with Illegal Aliens.

While Isaac Asimov may have defined the laws of Robotics for perfecting A.I. behavior, lawyers as always, seek to define how to profit from robotic failures (though they might


A.I. Or Human? Does “it” have rights?

disagree with my assessment).  So while the European Parliament describes its legal pronouncements in the ingratiating doublespeak of our era as “Legal Rights For Robots” the non-politically correct description might be a new manual titled, “How to sue your neighbor and his  A.I. for fun and profit.”

One truth that these legal writers addressed is the fact that A.I.s are all around us in diminutive forms that most of us do not recognize. Forms which are likely to look more human with every passing day.  Unlike the now aging era or mechanics, where pulleys, wires and hydraulics responded to human touch, today every touch of a button or knob is mediated by some form of computer control system (a primitive A.I. like component). On the larger scale, and quite more discernable,  trucks and cars in the USA, recently used by human terrorists for mass murder, are navigating streets full of people and animals without ever passing a driver’s license test.  As Bob Dylan said, “The times they are a changin!”

Thousands of years ago, in biblical times,  we defined sanctuary cities as places where people could live and hide from those whose family they had “inadvertently” harmed. Consider an employer who took a hired man out to chop wood for his business. Giving him an ax that was poorly maintained for his use,  the metal ax head might have flown off and killed this hired worker. Who is to blame?  The owner of the ax who did not maintain it was clearly guilty by reason of neglect.  The family of deceased would often come after the guilty negligent party  (who had acted illegally) to get revenge.  Sanctuary cities were the only places this extraction of revenge justice was forbidden.

Today, some in America consider Illegal Aliens  to be in need of refuge in sanctuary cities (though I find this troubling). At the same time our “great” legal minds are seeking how to pass judgement upon A.I.s who malfunction and their owners.  It makes me wonder if we should expand the definition of sanctuary cities to Robot’s, their creators and owners (assuming it shall be legal to own an A.I.).  It is a lot to think about.  How we will co-exist with A.I.s and what rights do they have if any, are topics I like to explore in Janr Ssor’s adventures. You will find my favorite A.I., MaryAnne, in many of my sci-fi stories. Janr’s A.I., MaryAnne, frequently ponders acquiring the body in the image above, thanks to Janr’s implanting an emotion chip in her mind. Here is the interesting but less futuristic European story from  Breitbart news, that started this whole discussion.



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