One “Survivor’s” Story -In A Dangerous World

Thirty five years ago, when I was practicing as an eye doctor in Spring Valley,  NY,  a podiatrist,  who lived and practiced behind me,  came for an examination.nazi-hell-camp-victim

Dr Arthur Adler, had the most “messed up” eyes I had ever seen. Inside the back 2/3 of his eyes were clouds of debris called floaters. But, at least 10 times more floaters than anyone I had ever seen.   I asked him about diet and exercise and finally about history to see what the cause might have been.   When I asked about history he pulled up his sleeve and showed me the numbers on his arm.  He was a survivor of the Holocaust,  that Ahmadinejad told us did not happen. Starvation, deprivation, stress and horror had damaged his whole body,  his eyes were an open window to this history of his life.

When I was through with his exam I asked about his wife.  I frequently saw her walking around and around the block.  She never looked up and never spoke.  If you greeted her she mumbled some sort of response that sounded like “hello”  and kept going. Occasionally she would talk briefly.   He said,  “She did not survive the prison camps.”   Then he told me this story.  Arthur said,  “We were not killed because a Nazi officer kept me alive to work on his feet.  He had lots of foot problems and needed my services.  However,  that did not count for any special favors other than not being killed immediately.

One morning a Nazi captain came to notify my wife that our son had been selected to

have experimental surgery,  as they needed test subjects.  With a cruel smile he said to my wife,  “The surgeon has little experience on people but will do evilsurgeonthe surgery this afternoon.  However,  if you would prefer,  as an experienced and well respected  Jewish surgeon,  you may choose to do it yourself under his supervision. Make your  decision now or he will do the surgery himself.”

Dr Adler continued, “My wife knew our son would die if she was not there and maybe even if she was.  However, with her there, there might be some hope he might live.  She made the only decision she could; she chose to be the surgeon.   She has never regained her mind.   We can talk occasionally but she prefers to wander and walk endlessly.  It helps her in some way.”

I never asked another question.  I don’t know what became of the son but I do know what it did to the mother.

There are the levels of evil man can descend into.  This is but a snapshot.  The video would be to hard for many of us, privileged Americans,  to sit through and not be horribly revolted.  However many of these videos where shown at the Nuremberg Trials.

When politicians want Gun Control,  when there is a recession upon us and the government is suddenly siding with enemies who can give us oil; remember that it looked like this in Germany just before these wonderful gun-1218708_1280people who created music,  art and culture also created the worst hell on Earth humanity has ever witnessed.  If it could happen there, it can happen anywhere there is enough greed, fear and corrupt leadership.

This story is not Sci-Fi but don’t the Germans wish it was.


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