Your Connection To The Universe Means…

There are at least two energy connections between every creature that lives and its world.  One it the connection to the cosmic consciousness that helps the creature solve problems in everyday existence.  This is to help in its unique survival challenges and to allow for creative dreams.  The other, second one,  is it grounding consciousness that helps it serve the the needs of world it is part of and receive nourishment from that world.
The cosmic consciousness connection  is achieved by the 10% of its cells that are created by a creature’s own genetics. This structure, which is mostly neural tissue interacts with the
cosmic via photons sent and received by the cytoskeleton.  In contrast, the  grounding or Earth Consciousness  is achieved by the 90% of our cells that is made of bacteria that line our bodies inside, the gut. These are not our genetic inheritance but rather a contribution from our home worlds consciousness (Earth) that we are part of but not consciously aware of in most cases. Its communication media  is also photons via cytoskeletal photons. Despite our almost non-awareness of this communication animals are very conscious of this connection. This is why they can eat herbs and heal themselves from illness, which we choose to minimize by calling it innate intelcytoskeletonligence (as if it were coded in their genes). The potential to exterminate a species or a planet’s biosphere is therefore possible when genetic manipulation of organism  becomes commonplace and chemical toxins produced by these new species or propagated via farming pesticide and herbicide kills off the environmental life forms that create the cosmically connected biosphere (the living Earth).  As the Earth’s biology is poisoned it loses its cosmic connection with the living universe and we lose what we call our “grounding” and life becomes chaotic and destructive (wars, terrorism and mental illness become commonplace). The planet Earth is a life form just as we are. It is connected to the living universe by energy. It reacts to damage to its “cells” much as our body does. When you maltreat its lifeforms by creating factory farms where chickens are treated like prisoners in a Nazi death camp,  the Earth reacts. When you poison its ground with toxins such as “Roundup,” its energy reacts transforming its cells.
The biggest factory farm of all is China’s “farms.”  We have recently learned of the appearance of a new gene that makes bacteria immune to our best antibiotics (Researchers recently discovered a new gene, called mcr-1, in pigs and people in


DNA molecules

China — a gene mutation that makes bacteria resistant to our last-resort class of antibiotics).   If you buy the random genetic chance modification theory,  then this should not happen so quickly.  However, an intelligent response by a living organism, The Earth, can guide a process to reduce the population of creatures that endanger its existence, our biosphere. Something to think about.


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