Can A Slice Of Pizza Give You A Lobotomy?

CAM00451You will see to the left aluminum foil that I wrapped the pizza I baked last night in.  I put it up on my window glass so you could see the morning light passing through the holes in it.  There were NO holes when I wrapped the pizza last night.  The holes are mostly where the aluminum foil touched the anchovies.  I put anchovies on my side of the pizza; my wife does not like anchovies.

I was blown away to see holes in the thick foil I used in just one night in the fridge.  Some quick research turned up the answer to this newly grown “Swiss cheese.”

Think about this,  I baked the pizza in a metal pizza pan and used that pan to store it in the fridge.  The pizza has acid in the tomatoes and salt that I added make a good electrolyte.   The anchovies have lots of salt.  I then put the aluminum over the acid salt pizza.  Guess what that makes?

Two slices of different metals, acid and salt in between with some H2O and you have a BATTERY!    When  I looked carefully at the anchovies I noted they were plated with some sort of aluminum coating where they had touched the foil!  My plans for breakfast pizza were foiled again!  🙂

Aluminium has been associate with Alzheimer’s disease; though it is not a proven cause.  There are many studies that found a connection so keeping it out of your diet is good idea.  In any case,  eating aluminum is not likely to be good for you!   What can you do?  I suggest that you wrap your pizza in waxed paper (not soft plastic wrap as the acid in the tomatoes will leach BPA from the wrap and affect your hormonal system as well as increase your risk of cancer….. lovely isn’t it?   Yes, you do have to make an effort to stay healthy!

Anecdotally  you may enjoy noting that every period in history had food health challenges.  We are often told that the Bubonic plague was caused by rats, fleas and waste in the streets. It killed about 25 million people in the 6th century.   It is interesting to note that a resent researcher found a second cause.  People back then drank a bit of wine and preferred LEAD wine goblets!  Guess what that did!  In addition the popular trend was to eat Fat Pie which was made of flour, LARD and SUGAR!   Probably tasted great too.  However, I will bet that millions of them had  neurotoxicity from lead and hardening of the arteries from hydrogenated fats and lots of sugar.

Janr Ssor



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