Who Is Poisoning Your Children With “Food!”

If you don’t know what is killing your family and causing cancer, you as a parent can say you were just ignorant as they bury your child and so you can try to avoid blame.  But, were you ignorant or just to busy to be responsible?

One comment on “Who Is Poisoning Your Children With “Food!”

  1. Makes my blood boil!!! I’m no fan of the food industry but the lack of evidence and total disregard for science is incredible. Does she know most bacteria routinely share DNA that results in the production of new proteins? Additionally, plant (i.e. food) hybridization, which has ben going on for more that 1000 years also produces new proteins. Lastly she needs to do some research on basic statistics where she will find that “correlation does not equal causation” e.g. rain and umbrellas are correlated but one doesn’t cause the other. Reminds me of the Autism/thimerosal debate that caused al lot of unnecessary hysteria.

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