Soar With Janr Ssor

injusticeWhat might happen when you are unjustly attacked by people in power, such as government or corporate high ups?  Your life might feel like it is turned upside down. Your stomach could ache as if you have been stabbed with a knife and the pain goes on endlessly. You might lose sleep and worry over and over about how you will deal with the evil attacker.  How do you right a wrong that is financed by the power of your taxes and used against you?  Having been down this road, I would like to share my experience with dealing with mental anguish and emotional stomach pain. Lots of friends shared concepts that made my life more worth living.  I hope the same will be of benefit to you in such a challenge.

The first thing about keeping your sanity and belief in a just outcome is attitude. There is a great pamphlet that has been shared over and over called “Expect A Miracle – Make Miracles Happen.”  It is my Norman Vincent Peale. It starts off reminding us that Miracles do not mean something outside of the laws of our universe, it is essential that you Expect.Miraclesunderstand this.  In this well written 15 or so page pamphlet it becomes apparent that the challenge some foresee with making a miracle happen is not outside of us but inside of us, wrong thinking!   I refer you to this pamphlet for better inspirational words than I might conjure up.

Whether you choose to call it  The Cosmic, God,  Jesus or any other meaningful name is unimportant. It is your belief the the universal laws of attraction that count!  If you think negative then negative will come to you.  If you think positive than positive will come to you.

The mystery for many is not the belief that you attract what you think, numerous books and videos have been created to affirm this living principle.  The mystery is achieving a depth of belief that blots out the “ugly” visions of destruction you may imagine you are facing.  The answer to this dilemma from many sources is to increase your faith by reading the bible, or other inspirational books that show you examples of how this principle has worked. Indeed this has value; however, I propose a more personal approach.  The personal approach is to review your life and see how this principle has worked for you endlessly!  If at first glance it seems your life has been the opposite then you now know that the problem is not your life but you. This is easy to fix as you own you!  The way you do this is start as far back in your life as you can remember and write down each event that you note has caused you pain and beaten your belief in the power of positive thinking. When you are up to today’s date, I want to stop and apply the following concept that I will teach you by a story.

There was a farmer, years ago, whose plow machine broke as he and his two horses were plowing his field to plant his crops.  He hit a huge rock and it overturned throwing him under its carriage and releasing both his horses.  His horses ran off and he ended up in the small local hospital.  His friends came to visit and saw his injuries and said, ‘this is very sad as you have no horses to plow and in your condition you will not be able to plant your crops before it is too late. You will be without food this Winter!”   Well the farmer stayed in the hosptial for several weeks and got to know the nurse who cared for him.  They became very attached and before he left the hospital they were married.  While he was in the hospital his friends fixed his plow but he had no horses.

see.the.goodHe and his new wife went for a walk so he could show her his farmland and their future home if he could somehow plant his crops. While hiking with her in the hills just beyond his land he saw his two horses standing next to two beautiful stallions.  He managed to capture all four and quickly had the 4 trained to pull his plow.  Now his friends said, “what a great thing has happened with  four horses you can now plow much quicker and surely you will have your crops planted in time. In addition you have met and married the woman of your dreams and you will no longer be lonely!”

Think now about the event, the “tragedy”  that precipitated this blessing.  When viewed from the moment of its occurrence, it did indeed seem sad.  However, when viewed from the vantage of months later, it started a chain of events that lead to a blessing.

If you honestly look back on your life and the list of challenges you have recorded at my recommendation, you can with good thought see positive outcomes for likely most or all of them.  Whether you grew stronger or smarter from the experience and it helped you prosper then or now, you may find miracles in much of your life. It really depends upon your point in time and your attitude,  whether you choose to see the good or the bad.  When you consider how complex the universe is and how little a dot we are in the Cosmos, it is no wonder we need help.  Expect a miracle – Make Miracles Happen!  Do read the pamphlet of this same name. It is a much different perspective of great value!

When you believe you are in a sea of trouble, it is not that a miracle is not possible, it is that you are expecting a sea of trouble.  Look back on your life and see how “You Were Wrong.”   Now fix you and see the miracles that passed and those that are bound to be coming.  The universe does not need fixing, you may.
Here are some other great suggestions, shared by my friend, Janet S.
  • power.of.prayerIt’s up to you to find any and everything positive in your challenging situation.
  • Pray for God to heal you, to show you the soul lesson(s) in this situation.
  • And then pray for Him to heal and bless the individuals who did this and anyone who has influence over righting this.   That God would soften their hearts.
  • Pray that all of the energy (energy is electric, you know) in this situation that is now negative be changed to positive. That God will fill you with positive energy, releasing the negative and leaving you with the positive. That you clearly see your purpose and why you are where you are now.
  • Check out the miracles that are already there.
  • Thank God RIGHT NOW for bringing you through all of this.
  • Thank Him for setting aside your plans so that you can better see the plans that He has for you…plans to prosper you, not to harm you.
  • Write down the Prayer of Jabez and read it daily, from your heart.
  • Take a time out of thinking about your challenge and just BE for a little while.  You are breathing and have a pulse. How does the air feel going through your nostrils? How does it feel coming out?  What does your pulse feel like? Listen to the ambient noises going on around you.  Icicles dripping water.  Busy birds.  Ice crunching loose. What is the soul lesson(s) in all of what you are experiencing right now?I hope this helps you as it helps me,
Janr SSor

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