Imagining Jesus Christ As The First Drug Company – Forbes Announces His Second Coming!

ValiumBefore  Hoffmann-La Roche created Vailum, healing the world’s fears forever, there was Jesus, who like Valium (but with no side effects) could take away pain and offer hope!  Valium, as with all new “religions”,  spawned  other denominations  such as Pfizer, Astrazeneca, and the endless drug companies  who preached the new “religious dream” of mental (not spiritual) healing.

Remember,  as long as science does not say “spiritual”  but uses the word “mental”  they are not trampling on the grounds that Galileo pretty much did and as such will not be burned at the stake or imprisoned.

Thanks to chemistry, a knowledge of religious liturgy  and careful marketing by big pharma, the church was soon no longer the only temple of hope and salvation!  It was now possible to find hope and salvation’s dream in a pill! Of course Hoffmann-La Roche made it clear they were re-balancing brain chemistry, that was out of kilter (even with no proof of such a thing)  and as such enabling you to see the truth of your coming religious salvation. Voila! No trampling on boundaries between science and religion!  (Not to say the Mafia’s heroin business did not decline).  Such is the beauty and grace of the marketing man, the ad men or neighborhood drug pusher. Far better than the politician, who like Clinton, redefines sex,  the ad man takes us on a journey to lands never born  with visions of endless possible futures. It is a big bang born from something more concrete like gold and silver.

Before drug companies there were Shaman’s, Medicine men and Healers who were able to find herbs, given by God,  for our salvation. Oddly enough they often learned from “less spiritual” beings like dogs, cats and other animals whose instinctive knowledge lead them to find and consume just the right amount of herbs to heal their illness and not die from its toxic overdose (in most cases).  Keep in mind that “instinctive” downplays any intelligence so we don’t trample on the holiness of man who is “above” all animals.

SnakeOilThe rebirth of hope in any advertising package, of course, does not deny the validity of a claim. So be still and clear in your knowledge that I am not questioning Jesus or his blessings upon mankind; but, let us say I have been inspired by Forbes’ clear vision of a profitable future in flipping nascent drug companies that don’t cure any illness that Derivatives, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac did not.  With bugles sounding, flags unfurling and fourth of July celebration, Forbes has defined the coming era of drug innovation and its investment opportunity in company’s like Tony Coles’ new darling Yumanity!  After all Tony Coles “flipped”  Onyx to  Amgen for 10.2 Billion, clear evidence that the Amgen’s newly acquired drug will cure cancer. If that is not clear to you, then how about this:

“Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc. said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved its drug carfilzomib for a form of blood cancer called multiple myeloma, providing a new option for a disease that afflicts nearly 22,000 new patients in TonyColesthe U.S. a year.  The agency cleared the drug, known by the brand name Kyprolis, largely on the basis of a single 266-patient study, under the agency’s accelerated approval program that is intended to provide patients with earlier access to especially promising new drugs. The approval is for patients who have relapsed on at least two prior treatments, including Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. ‘s Velcade and a drug such as Celgene Corp.’s Revlimid. The company said the price for the drug, which is administered intravenously, will be $9,950 per 28-day cycle.”read the whole text here……… According to the Wall Street Journal.

I did some mental math for you to help you understand the monetary value of buying stock in Amgen (ask the guy how helped build your fortune for you in 2008, he is sure to know). The math overflowed my calculator but not my pencil! The prices profit projections are  $220 million a month or about 2.6 Billion a year (renewable income as long as we are careful not to find any real cures); however, that is based on the “initial” recommended usage!  Remember drug marketing men (the drug company representatives who bring your local doctor KFC or  50 Yrd line seats) can easily turn that into 10 – 100x more profit by “recognizing”  the off label benefits!

In spectacular complexity, that might even vaguely lead to unseen benefits, comes the opportunity for inspirational advertising. The financial world’s darling of Derivatives proves this point.  Though it helped impoverish most of America it still lives high and mighty on Wall Street and in the hands of investment bankers, whose untold wealth need the reinvigoration of new blood (possibly yours).  Forbes’ is excited about the future of companies like Yumanity. With Coles’ record and the power of the word “Alzheimer’s” they are likely right.

However, we already know how to drastically reduce cancer. There is no question we know how to cure diabetes.  What PowerAttractswe don’t really know is how to bring back the values that Jesus Christ taught.  What we don’t know is how to put God’s name back up upon the walls of Congress. What we don’t known is how to re-create the God-Fearing nation that once inspired all the people on Earth, America!  The Chemical illusion of re-creating God’s potential blessings are a deal with the devil (know as side effects). This pre-arranged fate is offered in each and every ad we read for each and every drug. We learn how it will cure us and what the price is we will likely pay in side effects.  But like the drug deal on the corner, investors see the profit in the short term and ignore the pain and death in the long term. So I define the market as Forbes does….a  good short term opportunity with no real medical miracle needed. Just ad men and people who have no belief in God or eternal values.


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