Not Eliminating Yourself From The Gene Pool!

There is a humours website called The Darwin Awards. It has “funny” stories about how “stupid” people managed to do stupid Darwin awardsthings that eliminated them form the gene pool….. by death.  It can be humours as black humor goes.  Logically it may lead to a better future humanity that has better inherited genes…….

I am noting however that this is not reality today.  Today, those who are the least gifted genetically seem to have the most children and those who are the most gifted genetically seem to refrain from child bearing because of financial concerns or even worse, belief that they are not good enough to have children!

In essence, in our rapidly, growing, liberal, socialist system the most capable and talented end up paying taxes that support the least capable and gifted having lots of children so that those that are most gifted and talented themselves cannot afford to have children!  This is NOT a good system. To make things worse there is this odd thinking that frequently grows in bright minds that tells them they are not genetically worthy of reproduction.  Why is this?  As a very wise man told me, the other week, all of us have fears and feelings of inadequacy.  We all are less than perfect but that is how God made the world. Being aware of this is a sign of intelligence and your opportunity to fulfill you mission here on Earth by growing in the process.  It is NOT a sign of genetic weakness, the challenge is the gift!  Those who are not gifted enough to think about the issue go merrily on their way saying “God will provide.”  Inevitably he may.

From my personal experience years ago, I recall not even contemplating having children until my best friend’s wife got pregnant and my wife suddenly wanted to be pregnant too!  As a result I have one very special bright positive daugher. What if I had not?  We were in our early mid 20’s when we got married. We had no concept of what it even meant, we just liked each others company.  I was on my way to becoming a doctor in my second year of professional school. Yet despite all I knew about science I knew nothing about humanity.

40 years later I met a surgeon for lunch, a very pretty petite lady who is married and has children.  She and I had worked together for a few day, 5 years earlier.  I now wanted to setup a new professional relationship for my patients to benefit from. fakegeekgirl When I greeted her, she looked a bit uncomfortable but managed to smile and she said something like, “You know I am not the most adept at social graces and lunch meetings. I feel a bit like a fish out of water. As you know, all of us who go into medicine are pretty much nerds.”   Lunch was fine, business went well and it ended up being fun but it made a big impression on me! Here is the pretty, brilliant, successful lady with a family and a great name who still has to  deal with feeling less than what she should be in her mind! She still feels like a nerd! I began to wonder who feels 100% great about themselves.  Having been in sales for 5 years (20 years ago) I can accurately tell you NO ONE!

From meeting literally thousands of people, many very successful, over my life, I have also realized that you don’t get to be special by being born that way.  Yes there are some born prodigies and there are some born with what they call “genius.” However it means little about who you will become because becoming is change, growth and learning and overcoming challenges both internal and external.  I know “geniuses” who have amounted to nothing more than human encyclopedias and that I can get for free online. I know “average” people who have changed the lives of thousands for the better!

The bottom line, as I see it, is to learn not to judge others or yourself!  As they say God doesn’t make any junk!  Everyone has a purpose and an opportunity of value.  If I had understood what I do now,  when I was 26, I would have had 3 or 4 children and not missed out on contributing something more to the gene pool.  At least I had one great child.  Back then I did not think no junkof myself as important nor did I perceive how special my wife was.  We both had lots of problems. Lots to work on. You won’t know how special you are until you get to the end of your life but if you are really thoughtful and retrospective you may just get an idea. In the mean time, if you are at all bright, creative ambitious and contemplating the value of having children, don’t judge! Too many wait until they are 40 something and then feel it may be too late.  Even if you are desperately clinging to the belief that your genes are not the best,  have your sperm and eggs preserved for a change of heart.  Unfortunately, If you are over 40,  frozen ova have little chance of being of value!  You may just figure out later that God does not make any junk! However, parenthood is not for everyone and there is always adoption as an option.



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