A Health Care Fix – Outsource Labor For Free!

API News, Warsaw, Poland. October 8th 2014,  Cabinet for Reform, Organization and Open Cooperative Services meeting,  by Janr Ssor

The American health Care financial dilemma turns  a new corner as the results of a covert experiment to provide basic health care to unemployed Americans proves successful!  The meeting,  last Friday night, of the Obama supported Cabinet for Reform, Organization and Open Cooperative Services weekend was kicked off by keynote speaker, Bill McQuire. Bill is Bill-McGuirethe past CEO of United Health Care.  Bill reviewed how his leadership of  UHC turned the company around from lack luster performance to strong profitability.  Bill explained how his powerful managed care policy was so successful that he was allowed to receive a 2.5 Billion dollar bonus after just 5 years of work and still able leave UHC far more profitable than when he arrived.  Mr McQuire, who now lives on his own Island near Fiji, explained how restricting unlimited access to health care for those who are inevitably terminally ill can produce enormous profits while allowing for greater respect for the normal cycle of life and death. He reminded the group that one percent of the population accounts for 30 percent of the nation’s health care expenditures. Nearly half of those people are elderly. Bill assure us that, under the political and financial pressures of our era,  it was possible to push these “reform”  changes on the senior American population with out expectation of significant resistance.

Outsourcing At No Expenses!  Presentations at the gala event were mostly financial. A team of Wharton  MBA’s demonstrated the clearly repeatable profit growth of current health insurance companies achieved by outsourcing company data gathering, input and analysis to unpaid employees.  The chief speaker for the Bureau of Accountable Statistics on Health (BASH),  Weehl Getsworth, from South Carolina, graphically illustrated the value of outsourcing by demonstrating the significant growth in net insurance profits (before executive and CEO salaries) by showing 4 huge timeline surges in profits.  The profit peaks first occurred in Bill McQuire’s era as denial became a clear policy and subsequently when ICD 9 coding worried_physicianbegan,  EMR medical records were forcefully required of American health care practitioners and finally have again begun an upward trend with the inception of ICD 10 coding and ACOs.   Speaking on behalf of of the Bureau,  Mr. Getsworth explained that the industry had been able to move a huge volume of its employee paper work out to India at first where salaries, at the time, were viewed as slave labor. However with the rise in India’s salaries another source had to be found. Thanks to the research mostly catalyzed via  Obama’s cabinet, the work done by indian factory employees has now moved directly into the doctor’s offices via EMR.

As part of his program for health care reform, Mr. Getsworth  showcased the early research demonstrating that doctors were easily twice as qualified as the best staff trained employees for doing insurance data entry.  By forcing doctors into EMR,  the full work load of data entry, was moved from the insurance company Indian staff (now greatly reduced) to the doctors computers during their examination process. He reminded the audience how years earlier no one could conceive of busy doctors taking almost 30% of their patient time to do data entry.  He reiterated his 10 year earlier prediction that not only could legal pressure make this possible but forced health care “reform” would make doctors do it and even have them pay for this “opportunity!”  The verification of this earlier prediction brought down the house with applause as it was clear that health care providers all over America were indeed doing all the data entry for insurance companies and even paying out of their reduced fees for that opportunity.

The final presentation, by Dan Warbucks, described the vision for the rapidly growing number ACO’s in  America. Mr Warbucks described the plan to use regulation and the reform platforms momentum to make physicians of all types accountable to organized medicine.  Insurance companies, using the managed care model, would now not only be more profitable via appropriate denial of service and outsourcing but now could shift all the financial risk over the service providers, if they could be sold on the ACO model.  It was clear that the well paid leadership of ACOs and PCMHs could enthusiastically motivate providers to join in the common risk pool by rosy predictions for positive financial outcomes.  This development could be assured as long as the top ACO  executives could be paid on a guaranteed salaried basis and adequate yearly bonus,  which they could name for themselves, while the providers would have to rely on the capitated risk pool and denial of services as Bill McQuire has so well demonstrated.

In a closing statement, Bill McQuire, shared exciting motivational information!   Bill described a historical opportunity to purchase unique lavishly furnished homes, on your own private island, from a chain of islands available for purchase through his Fiji real estate company, B. Movement island realtyOpportunities.   He said, BM Opportunities is awaiting the next generation of Health Care CEOs whose good fortune, to profit from the new health care reform, would make his financial achievements pale by comparison.

Janr Ssor, reporter for API News.

API News is a subsidiary and product of research and development via TIC news (Tongue In Cheek). API is also a creative work of JanrSsor.com  on behalf of the medical community, whose doctors, as nerds, are unable to see outside the box they live in. 

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