Change is always coming

I saw this post on “A Window Of Wisdom” and immediately identified with its short but elegant message and photo. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. It certainly feels like a remembered truth! In my experience you achieve change by building a consensus and holding on to your belief. It is said that if a butterfly flaps it wings in Africa, it can cause a hurricane in Florida. However, the likelihood is small. On the other hand, If you build a consensus amongst butterflies and get a few million to beat their wings at once, like fish in a school, the likelihood gets very big that a hurricane may form! Consensus is only built by holding on. The universe responds to the good of the many, not the wants of a few. Often to get this, you must hold on.

…. love this picture too! Janr

A Window Of Wisdom

10478928_805887659461937_6424059993707460054_nThe moment your mind tells you to give up, you must hold on, because the pain is always the most unbearable right before a change.

~ WOW ~

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