Dragons In Your Past Life

One of my favorite colleagues in my circle of healers is Saunra Blum who uses past life regression as a tool for Dragon Vector Illustrationhealing illness.  I have had he pleasure of experiencing 3 past life regressions with Saundra’s Help.

In one I experienced a world where there were tamed flying dragons.  It puzzled me and amused my colleagues (it was a group past life regression with 9 of us present).

For a long time I wondered how I could have lived in a place where there were flying dragons that we used for warfare?

After all, there is no evidence of flying dragons in our current shared reality.  The closes we can come is a pterodactyl and that was a long way too far back in time.

If you have ever experienced past life regression you know it can be fairly believable.  Your final thoughts at your death is what leads you to your karma of today, unfinished business from your last life.

footsteps sand of timeI do believe that past life regression does in fact represent real experience.  Some believe it is a fantasy that helps us understand our issues of today and as such can serve as a quicker form of psychotherapy.  In either case it works!  People are often healed in the hands of an experienced healer,  like Saundra.

For the unbelievers, there is always the great documentation of those who described their experience in detail and then searched the Earth for proof of their existence and found it corroborated in great detail.  For those who have not done much reading in this regard,  I suggest Saundra’s book,  “Foot steps through the sand of time.”

In our growing understanding of reality, we do not just live in an infinite universe but in a multi-verse!  There are more than one, probably infinite universes!   In the view of authors like Elisebeth Haich reality is a dream and anything we can dream is reality.  One of my favorite actresses, Shirely McLain,  described this in her book “Out On A Limb.’

To my delight this concept is a cental theme in  my book Timeless Search, which explores the birth of a new multi-verse and it potential confusing concepts.  What I write as sci-fi fantasy,  I believe is in fact reality in timless searchanother plane of existence.  More and more evidence is arising to confirm this.  But, back to my stable of flying dragons, in a war in which my side lost.  Now I know how the dragons exist!  So do you.





One comment on “Dragons In Your Past Life

  1. That looking forward to reading Timeless Search. And it really a great past life session that we had. Cindy (Saundra) shared with us Mon. night that she is now teaching this as a college course – we should have been so lucky when we were in school!!!

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