What Is Reality, Fate, Consensus? Do You Create Your Future?

One of the smartest people I know, my brother Steve,  sometimes appears to be slipping down the rabbit hole.  I do not see at all what he sees and I am concerned for him.  So,  I label what he is believing Conspiracy, because I know what and where he is reading it.

I  LABEL it conspiracy because I know the website he is  quoting and they live on conspiracy and radical claims. Like the 24 hour news channel they need stories to attract viewers, so they make a choosing from images stream“story” out of anything because they don’t differentiate between fiction and fact as long as it fits the hypnotic web of fear they are weaving. A few paint brush strokes to a picture painted with words and it is a new paradigm that fits into their growing paranoia.

Now, that said, I don’t trust the Gov any more than you do, however our track record had been a hell of a lot better than Hitler’s, Saddam Housein’s, or Bashar Al-Assad’s. We DO need to protect our country and our people’s safety.  Radical Islam WOULD love to drop a nuke on us if they could get away with it, I wrote a book based on that premise.  Hitler killed the Jews because they were defenseless  (after taking away weapons for “everyone’s” safety as NY is trying to do)  and he could take their money and even their gold teeth (from their corpses). Don’t doubt for a minute that the radical Muslim Arabs (estimated at over 250 million)  would not do the same if they they could. The whole world is jealous of the freedoms you and I have despite the “big brother’ feeling you sense. We do need the gov for some things. How they ever get anything done as corrupt and disorganized they are is hard to understand;  however after traveling through Mexico, I realize we are not anywhere near as bribed and payed off as they are…..so perhaps we are better.

I am concerned about my brother Steve.  He has  been hurt possibly somewhat more than I have by the economics and gov actions of our last 10 years.  He has become less positive and focused on negative. I am not the only one to tell him this. When we had lunch at the Chinese restaurant a few months ago he explained how the world was coming to an end and I explained how we were about to find unlimited prosperity thanks to the coming discovery of boundless energy and technology that would lift us out of recession just as fuel injection overcame the Arab oil embargo.

Which reality is true? I honestly don’t know! However, I do believe that creating a consensus amongst people leads to a chosen outcome.  I do not believe we face a fate that is inevitable.  Thre are so many smart people who support this belief!   Consider the books, THE POWER Albert-Einstein-EnergyOF POSITIVE THINKING,  THE SECRET,  THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG,  THINK AND GROW RICH!  Do you chose Think And Grow Fearful?   I BELIEVE that smart people are easily lead, they learn too quickly and so can easily become eccentric, paranoid or on the other hand very successful. How a bright mind stays balanced in the face of adversity is not jut by filtering for truth (hard to do) but  by CREATING its own future. You do this by sharing the positive with people and creating a consensus of people working for opportunity. Find positive, talk positive, write positive, share positive, teach positive, lead positive, organize positive and have a positive outcome. Look at Rotary? Is it not nearly magical what a  good a team of Rotarians can accomplish? Do you not take pride in Rotary if you are a Rotarian?   Another magical example is in computing!  Look at Ubuntu! A free operating system that outdoes windows and gives power those who might otherwise have none!

The world does not make us, we make it! It is said that if a butterfly flaps its wings in Africa, it can create a hurricane in North America. However, those of us with mathematical bend can state that it can happen but it is HIGHLY unlikely. However, put together a consensus and get millions of butterfly to flap their wings,  just as fish swim in schools, and yes we will have a hurricane in North America!

long dressObama may have a better idea (now and then). Though I am not a fan of Obama nor do I believe this  welfare oriented government has earned any respect, I do believe he has one repeatedly good point that he has not yielded far from as he has other campaign promises. He said he would not like to see the US as the worlds policeman acting on its own as George Bush believed was our job. He wants to build consensus for a world wide response to terrorism. I do believe this makes great sense. The only Very Big challenge is can he show enough leadership to make it happen quickly enough to be worth while and can he create a big enough team of nations of diverse ideology to make it lasting? Finally can he define an outcome we can call victory for all rather than a Viet Nam, Afghanistan or Iraq? Can he be more than a nation breaker by being a Nation Builder who shares A Case For Democracy  as Natan Sharansky has done?

The real outcome to come is possibly similar to the difference between Neville Chamberlain  and Winston Churchill in WWII.  There must be a balance between views of a fateful realty and a nascent reality created by consensus.  There will be decisive action alone or with a large group of consensus builders.  What is reality?  I believe it is an outcome of consensus.  It can be positive or negative.  What is your choice?




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