What draws them to the ISIS?

There appears to be a mad rush in India, especially in Tamil Nadu where the ISIS is concerned. Youth have openly proclaimed their support for the ISIS and Haja Fakrruddin of Tamil Nadu was one of the isistshirtfirst to join the ISIS. Recently youth were found to be posing with ISIS T-shirts openly speaking about Sunni Pride.

The question is what has drawn these youth especially in India to the ISIS, a trend that was not found when similar battle were fought by their brothers in Afghanistan and also Kashmir. … read more here by news reporter Vicky Nanjappa………


……………………………….. my comment………

Muslims will not go away no matter what other nations wish or religions pray for. Muslim terrorists are another subject that is often confused with the word Muslim or Islamic. In America when you hear the word Islamic or Muslim followed by a pause in speech, your mind likely fills in the silence with the word “Terrorist.” It is likely so across most of the free world. We are all defined by the activists not by the passive majority.

Young men always seek power, it is male genetics. Feeling empowered against an imagined or defined enemy or inequality fills that hormonal need for “dominance” which is clearly expressed in the Koran and desired by pubescent males! The image of world dominance by the imagined Caliphate fills such a need and of course, young men are invincible, just ask them or watch them. The ISIS knows how to lure young men with promises of dominance; it is just sad that there is so little passion for the beautiful part of Islam, that with the wisdom and grace of Buddhism could better represent Islam.

What I pray for is the knowledge of how to get off this “rock” and spread the seed of humanity through space. It is a better use of young men’s testosterone than killing their neighbor’s for dominance, oil or 72 virgins.




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