Water Shortage Or Chicken Shortage?

Every day, it seems, someone is writing an article about the coming water shortage. There is no doubt about a shortage. Just go down to Florida,  where the cost of water has steadily risen. Water is now “manufactured”  from undrinkable ground water to chemically processed water that is now supposedly safe to drink.  If this seems hard to believe think about the proven fact that the Oceans of Earth are contaminated with mercury!

What does water have to do with Chicken?  Simple, chickens are a resource like water.  It is a relatively affordable food that humanity depends upon.  Contaminate it like the ocean and you will have a shortage and possibly famine and hunger. Raising chickenschickens in factory farms creates crowding and contamination.  Chickens in factory farms are fed antibiotics from birth to slaughter. Forget about the fact that it is cruel and inhumane to raise animals in this manner,  but remember that as they use more and more antibiotics it causes the mutation of bacteria that live in chicken.  The new stronger antibiotic resistant bacteria is not just a danger to humans but a danger to chickens and likely fowl in general.  When a super-bacteria gets out of a factory farm,  who will administer antibiotics to the rest of the world’s chickens and other birds that will likely be susceptible?   It has long been a concern that avian flu might spread to humans because of factory farms and end up being the next Black Plague (which killed over 200 million people).  However few people ever raise the question, of what if it killed off most of the worlds fowl?

Even if it did not spread to people, which I believe is less likely,  it would devastate the worlds food supply and in that way be far more deadly! Monsanto knows about this risk and is already working on creating new “GMO Animals.”  They can then sell you an antibiotic resistant thing that “looks like a chicken.”  If this is not the insurance policy you want, then maybe it is time to pay attention to the cruel and inhumane way we are treating livestock!  Over 90% of the US corn is gmo corn!  It is grown to make “Ethanol” used as automotive fuel additives. Ethanol costs far more than it is worth as it is subsidized by your tax dollars and inefficient as fuel.  In other words, it is your taxes given to Monsanto! Just as bad is the fact that converting all the US crop land to Ethanol corn  has moved much of our food production overseas to Mexico and caused one of the sharpest rise in food costs in the history of America. Is there a coming chicken shortage?  It seems likely.

As a sci-fi author I look at science as the bedrock of change and extrapolate the possibilities.  It is easy to say,  “that is just imagination!dick tracy”   However, if you remember Dick Tracy talking  to his wrist radio, then you can see how easy the world can change over night.

Janr Ssor.


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