The New Nazi War Machine – Reborn With A Hamas Name

muslimhate70Hitler rose to power on a promise to kill Jews and conquer the world (expand Germany) according to his Book “Mein Kampf;” while the world looked on with but a casual glance at the pain and suffering of others. America joined the war only when Pearl Harbor was attacked.  Before that we turned back the Ms St. Louis,  a German ship with nearly a thousand Jews fleeing for their lives from Hitlers Concentration Camps, because their certain death meant nothing to our “safe at home” citizens.  The rumors of men, women and children being burned to death in the crematoriums of Germany’s prison camps meant little to those feeling safe listening to The Abbott and Costello Show or the President’s Fireside Chats.

Patterns in history repeat themselves.  Hamas is but a small example of the world wide organized network of Islamic Terrorists. While the tiny state of Israel is under attack, we sit back and ignore the only democracy in the Middle East as it struggles for survival.  We keep “busy”  with the new TV shows that keep us entertained while ignoring the future pain we will reap as we did ignoring the suffering of the millions who died in Germany.

We had our Pearl Harbor on 9-11 2001,  but instead of uniting the free world to opposes terrorism, we took off to re-build the world in our image.  Unlike God we had little success so now the thoughts of other battle fronts are not attractive.   Killing Osama, 911-twin townersdid not stop terrorism; it is still flourishing.  A recent analysis shows us that there are over a  1/4 million radical Islamics who would like us dead (and Israel destroyed).

Maybe it is time for a new involvement in the world that does not require us to wage unilateral war that serves the corporations that dictate our foreign policy.  Maybe it is time to work with a world of free nations that oppose the cruel, violent and primitive dreams of the 300 million worldwide Islamic Radicals.  During the war with Germany, the USA did not win it, the ALLIES won the war!   Looking back on history, the free democracies of  the world need to unite in defense of our dream of human freedom; this includes little Israel. There is no more time to pretend to negotiate peace with  Hamas  whose goal, to destroy Israel, will not change.  There is no more time to talk with Palestinian’s who Hamas and the like keep in poverty to generate sympathy and terrorists.

In 2002, George Bush’s vision of terrorism clearly equated Islamic Extremists with the Axis Powers of WWII that waged war on the free world.  The term ‘axis’ was used as a collective term during World War II (WWII) to identify Germany and its key allies, Japan and Italy. U.S. President George W. Bush used the term Axis of evil in his State of the Union Address on January 29, 2002, and often repeated it throughout his presidency, to describe governments that he accused of helping terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction. Iran, Iraq and North Korea were portrayed by George W. Bush during the State of the Union as building nuclear weapons. The Axis of Evil was used to pinpoint these common enemies of the United States and rally the country in support of the War on Terror.

It is time to unite as democracies and free people to prevent another Hitler like uprising.  As Islamic states gain great wealth and power from Oil the clock for the end of free society ticks faster.  Ignoring Israel’s plight is only furthering our potential future destruction.   The Nazi era history lesson promises peacedaylogo1this to be true!

If you search the Internet for the “Allies Of Good”  or  “Allied Nations Against Terrorism”,  you will find NOTHING.  This is because Obama talks about a team effort against terrorism (no unilateral action) and that is ALL he does, TALK! It is time to organize the world as Obama promised but has totally failed to achieve.  If Obama hasn’t got the courage, power or desire, what about you?

Janr Ssor


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