What’s behind the ongoing violence in Gaza – And NPR Drug Pushers

Israeli’s take cover as Hamas Launches missiles into Israel. 

The differences between Hamas and Israel are so profound, it’s almost as though the two aren’t living in the same century.

The Hamas war against Israel pits cheap rockets — basically the 21st-century version of an exploding cannonball — against a high-tech military so sophisticated, it can send harmless “door-knocking” bombs to land on the roofs of buildings to warn its targets inside that the next live bomb will level the place.

One side is monstrous but hapless: Hamas is looking to create mass terror through the deliberate targeting of enemy civilians, has fired 500 rockets, and has killed exactly one Israeli.

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NPR DRUG PUSHERS – PUSH FOR HAMAS TERRORISM:  It blows my mind when I listen to National Public  Radio (NPR)  and hear descriptions of the war.  They focus visually on the injury’s to Palestinian Children over and over while being somewhat neutral otherwise.  This technique is used by Drug Companies to sell you on dangerous drugs while telling you how deadly theyHamas_Children_1594729i truly are!

It is used by National Public Radio,  in my opinion,  to make you feel empathy for the Palestinians with images that take your focus of  the fact that these injured children are PLACED IN HARMS WAY  by Palestinian parents  just for this purpose! Don’t fall for the game that drug pushers play.  Listen to the descriptions of the suffering and killing of Palestinian children (not that they are not being killed) and notice that they were put there by Palestinians who place their children in harms way for news fodder! Note that Israel even warns Palestinians of coming attacks on Hamas strongholds and missile launching sites so that the civilians who live there can leave and not be harmed.  What nation defending its citizens to to such an extreme to NOT injure children and civilians?  None other on Earth!  When you hear NPR whispering images into your head, nataional pathetic radiojust as the drug companies do with pictures on TV, don’t let them manipulate you.   Don’t buy the bullshit!



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