Drinking From The Commode



  • Suppose The FDA
  • Declared Commode Water Was Okay
  • You say, no Revilo, you’ve gone too far
  • Believe you, not the FDA
  • Just who the hell you think you are
  • Bet many would drink this bilge water
  • Some, without thought, already do
  • This bottled water industry has no overseer
  • Some drink the illusion it cleaner, clearer
  • No supervision, no regulators
  • You know the one percent are haters
  • With sickness and disease on the rise
  • With market poison sold openly
  • Before your unconscious eyes
  • Your subconscious bombarded
  • By black operation, Information Lord Overload
  • Too fatigued, too tired, too deadto think
  • They stack it on the shelf and you drink
  • They say it’s ok, we don’t even know
  • If its actually tap, spring, purified or distilled H2O
  • Makes sense and the circle complete
  • The weapon of mass ingestion
  • Is the food you eat
  • And you do so without question
  • These waterless hand sanitizers

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