Is The Earth Alive?

Planet Earth. Abstract environmental backgroundsIt is amazing to discover how the Earth achieves its growth and nutrition in a manner just as we do!   Just another example of  how scientists are myopic and see only small fragments of reality; this is much as frogs see only live moving flies and will starve to death surrounded by freshly killed flies offered to them as food. Even with the most sophisticated computer simulations, our vision is limited. The Allosphere research facility  is an attempt to overcome that limitation but for now it is but a step in that direction.  In any case as we stumble through the Era Of Man Made Epidemics of Cancer and other previously unheard of disease; we are finally recognizing how much harm antibiotics cause to the human body!  Why?  Because they kill of the many cells that scientists thought were invaders.   Scientists  originally divided bacteria in our bodies into benign invaders and dangerous invaders (pathogens).  Our goal was to kill of  the dangerous invaders (pathogens) with antibiotics.  Of course antibiotics are like shooting at flies with cannon balls.  There are always “side effects.”

What many fail to realize is that your health ultimately depends on the health of the soil,  this is what allows your food, the vegetables and fruits, to grow nutrient-dense. When soils are depleted of nutrients, the foods grown in it will be deficient in critical minerals and phytonutrients as well.

Unfortunately, that’s the state of a large portion of the Earth’s soils today. Clearly, the answer to correcting soils depleted of nutrients is NOT to add even more chemical fertilizers. The “magical” ingredient that maintains and maximizes soil health is actually the microorganisms living in the soil. This includes bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and microscopic roundworms called nematodes.

Far from being scourges to be avoided, microorganisms are an essential necessity for optimized plant growth.  The same thing happens in your gut, where bacteria help you absorb nutrients.  We now understand that it is the cooperation between these microorganisms, the soil’s biome, and the plants’ roots, called rhizosphere that is ultimately responsible for allowing the plant to absorb nutrients from the soil in which it’s grown.

Interestingly enough it is pretty much the same in our bodies.  If you kill of the “good”  germs in our body  (as side effect of antibiotic use or preservatives in food),  which by the way outnumber our “own cells”  Ten To One, you will not stay healthy as your body cannot absorb nutrients without the help of gut bacteria that help us digest foods and even make nutrients out of foods we cannot normally digest!

Forbes Magazine (which I call  “Forged Magazine” as I think of it as mostly forgery when it comes to truth) promoted  Harold Hamm as the man of the year in the oil business that is “refueling America.”  This is a  guy who is exploiting paid “scientific research”  that shows fracking is harmless (do you recall how MD’s said “they would recommend smoking Camel cigarettes after dinner to help with digestion?).  Well if the Earth is alive and we are pumping millions of gallons of chemicals into the Earth,  that are likely poisoning our aquifers,  what happens as we poison the Earth?  You know in your gut the answer is …. you get poisoned and the animals of which we are one die.  You know why we have cancer from pesticide, artificial ingredient, GMO  food (thanks to Monsanto),  plastics in clothing, saran rap, food containers with BPA… all the miracles of a myopic civilization,  lead by myopic scientists and some who are paid to be myopic.

In any case you can easily see that the Earth digests its food supply of the dead and decaying with the help of its “gut bacteria” just as we do.  Poison the Earth with pesticide and artificial fertilizer and you will damage your food supply and poison yourself.   Jordan Rubin,  the founder of Garden Of Life products,  saved his life by eating dirt from earth that was full of bacteria he needed, probiotics!   We make good probiotics by putting lightly rinsed organic vegetables into salt water and letting the Earth’s bacteria grow on them.  In biblical times they called this pickling (Bubbies Pickles still does it!)   Salt water, like our saline blood,  promotes the growth of only the good bacteria that strengthen our bodies and become the good bacterial of our gut!   After all the Earth is alive!



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