Issac (Asimov) The Reborn Profit’s Warning

asimov on throneAMERICAN VALUES:  In my closet hangs my Dad’s WWII Uniform and a box full of medals.  He belonged to the GREAT GENERATION.  My friend Steve Ross says they were great for many reasons but the most salient being as he says, “They were told as they approached Normandy’s Shores on troop carrying boats,  that that they would walk into a hale of bullets and bombs.  If the guy in front of them fell down, they were to pick up his weapon,  hold it above their heads with their own, so it would not get wet  and could be fired, and hurry forward!   They ran out into the hale of bullets and near certain death because they were God Fearing People with God Given Values that they would die for, so their children might not be prisoners to the totalitarian Nazi soulless monstrosity!  After all the Nazis were exterminating humans in a way we would never treat animals!’  They achieved what few men could have truly believed and created a world of prosperity and blessings for their children, who later turned a blind eye to values.

INVISIBLE SOULLESS ROBOTS (Asimov):  The less than great generation followed and were conquered with very few bullets and very little fight!  The occasionally make protest like noise but scamper away at the first sign of challenge.  They could most often not see their enemy and now it even looks like leadership to some.  Without the laws of Robotics (the 10 commandments for robots) entities with human rights and superhuman rights have proliferated.  See if you can find them,  Asimov would have had no problem!

Eisenhower warned us.  A bullet through Kennedy’s head made Johnson president and gave oil companies and arms makers, greater power in America’s future.  Viet-Nam taught us how Mary Ann Vecchio screams as she kneels over the body of fellow smuch government could suppress protests, remember Kent State.

Pesticide causes cancer but it is good enough for the feudal peasants.

Monsanto modifies genes but you cannot be allowed to know where,  when, how or with what consequences;  you are now the lab rat for its tests.

Chickens in cages scream from birth to death and are unheard,  until your family member dies from the disease it gave birth to in its eggs.  SmithField’s pigs are born and live in an environment that would make Treblinka,  Auschwitz-Birkenau commandants proud.

Corporations are “blessed”  by  The “Supreme” Court and its church leadership  by being defined as people with rights greater than that of ordinary citizens (hint).

Corporations can be “American Based”  while making everything over seas.  So they can financially destroy your jobs future, your future retirement,  your families future,  while your children fight for the corporate rights to do so on foreign soil,  in undeclared wars. Remember Eisenhower’s warning?  What laws of Robotics define the actions of the invisible automatons, whose rights, powers and influence turn you and your family into chickens in a factory farm?

How did we get so far away from the values of the Great Generation?   Why are we laying down our arms and surrendering?  Why do we grant powers to automatons that make Godzilla look small?  Can you see the power of  money, bribery and your eyess blinded by TV hypnosis?

Occupy Wall StreetI Dare You To Become The Next Great Generation:  Vow To Not Watch TV, it would be a great start!

Can we change from our current Oligarchy back to a people’s republic, one nation under God with liberty and justice for all?

Janr Ssor





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