What If We All Did This?

Yesterday I was talking on the cell to my daughter who lives in Fla.  She always seems to be going shopping to a food store when I call her.  This time she claimed she was not, but it was not 100% accurate.   I found out she was going to a dollar store where she could find lots of great buys on inexpensive canned, meat, chicken and veggies.Foodbox2

She and her husband, like most Americans,  have been hurt by the economy but they have not in anyway forgotten about how fortunate they are to be economically Okay. Between the two of them they have at least 6 different jobs or businesses they are running to be Okay but they never complain.  Instead they go every month to stores like this particular store and buy food that is canned and not perishable at great sales prices.  Then they pack them up in bags and keep them in their cars.  When they see a person who looks needy,  has a sign “willing to work for food,”  etc. they stop and give them a gift of food.  If  it is a person with children they give them several.

Many of us go on our way each day worrying about ourselves and our families.  It is easy to forget about what is out of sight. I was very proud of my daughter for having a plan of action to not forget, a plan of action that she has carried out for a long time, a plan of giving back for God’s gifts.

What I was most proud of her for,  was her ethics, compassion and effort.  If the CEO’s of  most of corporate America had an ounce of her humanity in their souls, America would not be where it is.  If congressmen cared about people as she does, rather than their “fat” lifetime benefits and re-election, we would not be where we are today.  We would be where we were when my dad and your dad won world war II by caring enough to march into a hail of gunfire on Normandy.  They did this to free the world and protect us all from the tyrants that now are disguised as American Leaders.  No wonder Americans polled would rather have cockroaches in their house then congressmen.StatueLiberty

I have traveled around America when I was in sales for 5 years of my life.  America has great people, many who like my daughter care about others.  We do have hope for a recovery and a future. We just need to call in Orkin to get the vermin out of Washington, banks and corporations.  Then we can find people with souls, hearts and the connection to each other that inspired France to give us the lady of the harbor.



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