Trees communicate with each other!

I have long felt the communication of plants and trees. Have you not felt

something as you walked through the woods or forest?  When you were way deep into the forest, all alone, did you not sense the comfort that soft background music offers while lying on a cozy couch near a warm stove in the winter?  If you were really all alone in silence, would it not have been more scary than warm, friendly and welcoming?  Think deeply and recall your feelings and you will know that you heard the sounds of living plants as they communicated with each other.  It is a song like the whales sing, complex and kind but with words that we can never understand. It is the power that creates our natural environment.

In my stories, you will find this truth, and many more like it,  after all sci-fi is the future truth wrapped in the garments of a life yet to be led. 

Trees communicate with each other – Positive News, research by Dr Suzanne Simard, worth reading.

Watch Dr Suzanne Simard talk about her discovery


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