Why NOT to purchase anything at Starbucks!

http://www.starbucks.com/blog/an-open-letter-from-howard-schultz/1268  Starbuck ceo

If,  God forbid, the CEO of Starbucks’s,  Howard Schultz,  had a child who was killed at Starbucks by a crazed terrorist brandishing a knife as happened in China, would he still call for a ban on concealed weapons at Starbucks?  How about If it was a school class visiting Starbucks and his child was killed while the rest of the children were saved by a man with a license to carry a handgun who protected them?

Howard Schultz needs to have a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts and wake up to the truth.  He may be part of a coffee co that makes money but he may also be setting up people for abuse at Starbucks. I for one will feel safer at Dunkin Donuts.   Here are some reasons why…… 


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