Senator Sanders Poll On Syria

Syria  — POLL RESULTS AS OF 9/7/2013

Would you favor or oppose the U.S. conducting military strikes against Syria in response to reports that the Syrian government used chemical weapons?
  • Favor 2052
  • Oppose 20,574 
  • Unsure 1219
Do you think U.S. military strikes in Syria would be likely to lead to a long-term U.S. military commitment there, or not?
  • Likely 18,208
  • Not likely 2456
  • Unsure 3162
Do you think U.S. military strikes in Syria would likely be effective in discouraging the use of chemical weapons, or not?
  • Likely 2433
  • Not likely 17,810
  • Unsure 3588
Which of the following three issues do you think are the most important for Congress to concentrate on right now?
  • Chemical weapons in Syria 2000
  • Jobs and unemployment 18,636
  • Health care 11,937
  • Education 9614
  • Immigration 5055
  • Global warming 10,976
  • N.S.A. Phone and Internet Surveillance 6607
  • Gun policy 4668
  • The federal budget deficit 4512
  • Something else 1274
  • Unsure 93

Total Submissions: 23933

2 comments on “Senator Sanders Poll On Syria

  1. Very nice.

    This proves once again that the Obama administration, following in the exact footsteps of the Bush administration, is happy to ignore the will of the American people.

    Obama deserves a seat right next to Bush on the bench of treasonously crappy presidents we elected, in our TV-induced mentally handicapped state.

    • It is indeed a sad situation when Americans totally allow congress, banks and other crooks to walk all over them and not stand up with a just response! When I was a kid, if the price of milk was raised by 5 Cents, mothers took to the street in mass protest over price fixing. During the Viet Nam war we marched on the streets in protest, even if it was no as successful as we dreamed.

      Today, I am not sure what it would take to get my countrymen roused enough to stand for anything. The mystery is why? Most Americans are not stupid, most have descent values, yet they seem to live with the effects of a partial lobotomy.


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