How to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods: 9 Steps (with Pictures).


Read this article and learn how the “plants” you think are healthy have genes in them from bacteria!  They are not plants they are plant bacteria hybrids that can have unforeseen health consequences.  There is already evidence of how these monstrosities are killing off butterflys and possibly bees. In Europe people can choose because all food is labeled if it is GMO food.  In America, Monsanto corp, which is making billions by potentially poisoning you and your children,  had run campaigns to keep you from having labels in your grocery store! You have a right to know and not be poisoned!  We have a right to protect our environment!   read the story above to learn how to protect you family from this ruthless corporate fraud.


Years ago I met an old lady, who had been a doctor and surgeon in Germany.  She had been in a Nazi prison camp with her family nazi stockfresh_2551852_no-nazi-symbol_sizeXSbecause she was Jewish.  She was forced to operate on her son or let an amateur try; it amused the Nazis.

The experience  destroyed her mind.  When you purchase genetically modified food (gmo) and feed it to your family,  you do not know the consequences.  You are doing Nazi experiments on YOUR CHILDREN!  Monsanto has made it impossible for you to make a choice by using their political and monetary power  to prevent foods from being labeled GMO as is done all over Europe.

You need to understand the dangers of GMO food and what you are feeding your family,  if not you are allowing Monsanto to use your children as Lab Rats!  Don’t get fooled,  the issues is NOT if gmo foods are harmful,  this has NEVER been researched!   The issue is should you have a choice to NOT be used as a lab rat!



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