31. Our friends and neighbours.

Why is social networking so popular? Why do people feel nothing when watching a TV news report about a disaster killing thousands? What has happened to change America from the

close knit society we started as and grew powerful with? This well written story from my neighbor….. whoops, I don’t know his name only his blog name, 23 Thorns, will shed some light on these thoughts and off them. Here is the author’s face sans name….. after all that is much of  the point of the story.


We can all heave a sigh of relief. I don’t know about you, but I just haven’t been sleeping well. I’ve been picking at my food. Losing interest in my appearance. Moping. But that’s all over now. Justin Bieber’s monkey has found a new home. Yup. Poor little Mally is gonna be OK. Group hug, guys.

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