Does Islam’s Growth Echo The History Of Soviet Communism?

A Brief History Of Soviet Communism:  In the  nineteen hundreds communism, under Soviet leadership, strove to spread its political and anti-religious philosophy  by violence, terrorism and war.  Communism was made of a political economic philosophy,  legal system and  religion that prayed to the party and no god.  It was so well marketed that, by reading Marxist philosophy, some descent  people in America were seduced by the promises of the communist state.  The promise was to share the wealth earned and “horded” by the captains of industry with communismthe abused and down trodden workers, who truly deserved it.  However it later became apparent that communism was not the empowerment of the people but rather the empowerment of a tyrannical leadership.  Communism. spread like a cancer by The Soviet Union, had its roots in the Russian Revolution of 1917, which deposed the imperial autocracy. The Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, then overthrew the Provisional Government. The Russian Socialist Soviet Republic was soon established and the Russian Civil War began. The Red Army retook several territories of the former Russian Empire and helped local communists seize power. In 1922, the Bolsheviks were victorious, forming the Soviet Union with the unification of the Russian, Ukrainian, Transcaucasia and Belorussian republics. The unification and expansion were achieved by violence and terrorism.  Shortly thereafter the Soviet citizens learned to doublespeak. They feared speaking their heart to friends or families, for fear they would be turned in to the KGB and suddenly vanish in the night for a beating, interrogation and often death.  

America seeing the danger to world freedom and a need to protect its economic interests and trading partnerships from a violent Soviet Union, began to oppose communist expansion during the cold war and the failed Vietnam war.  As it turned out, the Afghanistan war was the economic straw that broke the camel’s back for the Soviet Union;  that and the financial  industrial failure that communism fostered by taking motivation away from its citizens.  Without freedom and dreams, there was no real economic growth. 

Islamic Growth In The 21st Century: How is the current Islamic world expansion similar to the Soviet’s?  Islam markets itself as a world religion but it is not currently a tolerant one and it appears inseparable from its laws and political philosophies.  In its current form, it is a recipe for Theocracy, a government.  Wherever Islamic people reside, they claim they want Shari’a to become the laws of  the land.  In a recent poll,  nearly 80% of those WOMAN CANEDpolled,  who said they were Islamic, claimed a desire to live under Shari’a; despite the fact that they often fled here for asylum from lands that often practiced shari’a   But why would anyone in this day and age want to give up liberty and freedom for a repressive ancient legal system that promotes,  cutting of limbs for crimes,  honor killings where a brother may kill his sister to keep the family “honor” and the abuse of women, who are treated like property?  I have to wonder, do they really want this or is it doublespeak?  If you were a member of a religious group, that might have radical terrorists hidden among your fellow congregants,  how willing would you be to speak out against terrorism or Shari’a?  Especially if you have a wife and family?  Does this sound like a need for doublespeak?   Do the recent  Islamic histories of countries like Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan inspire images of justice and peace or violence and terror?  I see today’s expansion of Islam, much like the expansion of the Soviet Union, one driven by fear and violence, not love and a beneficent God.

Recently we saw refugees of Islamic nations, who came to America for safety and justice,  set of bombs in Boston to kill, maim and terrorize innocent people.  If they don’t like what we have to offer,  they have a choice, go home!

A few days later,  I listened to a well intentioned American tell me that terrorism could be the Islamic response to our meddling in their part of the world.  I was very surprised to hear this sympathy,  one I suspect uninformed people held for the communist revolution.  I do not believe this makes any sense.  I do believe we need to help spread democracy and not totalitarian theocracies that grow by violence and fear.  Why?  For two reasons.  First because America stand for freedom in a way that no nation in world history has ever done.  We believe that the right to pursue your dreams, happiness and religious freedoms should not be abridged.  With this belief and Judeo-Christian values,  it is our moral responsibility to help others who are oppressed.  It is also our economic responsibility to protect our opportunities for free world wide trade by opposing those who would destroy us by limiting our opportunities for free commerce.  This has been our policy in the Soviet era and should be, if we are to survive. In our NY harbor, stands the statue of liberty. It is a gift from France recognizing our sacrifices in freeing France from the oppression of the German tyrants.  It is the heart of America, it is the soul of our values.

We could all exist in peace if we allow human rights and freedom.  Whether  you pray to Allah,  Jehovah, or Jesus,  means little to American’s or those who live under freedom and democracy.  But when you force others to live under tyranny and fear and spread your religious, legal and political philosophies by doing so, I suspect Americans will feel obligated to defend freedom and justice.  So today there is a conflict between free nations and Islamic theocracies that  are intolerant.  Does this have to be?

I am not knowledgeable enough about Islam to answer that question.  However, when I speak to Islamic people and ask, they remind me of a long lost era when Islam ruled much of the world and tolerated many other religions.  With this in mind I have hope for peace for all of us.   But before this happens, I suspect those who choose Islam for their religion and truly wish to live in democratic free nations, will have to stand up to the terrorism they have created and fear that keeps them silent in the painful nights.



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