Getting Sleep For Those Who Can’t Sleep Well!

Are you an older person who can’t sleep or do you just know one?  In either case,  this is how you solve your problem or help the person you know get the rest they need to stay healthy.

If you have tried everything and still can’t sleep, I am not going to tell you that I will make it possible for you to sleep but I will tell you that I can help you get all the benefits of sleep, without traditional sleeping, in an enjoyable way!  You will get out of bed feeling rested, you will regain the energy you have lost and you will increase how long you live in two ways.  First you will be getting the healing rest your body needs and secondly, you will get to be awake longer than those who stay in bed for hours and hours hoping to get some snatches of sleep! Get excited now because you are about to be more happy with yourBlond woman sleeping on couch sleep and rest than when you were 6 years old.

If you can’t sleep for long, fall asleep or sleep deeply or you keep waking up the first thing to know is stop fighting it as fighting it only makes you anxious and tense and prevents you from getting the healing rest you need.  What I am going to show you is that there is an alternative to sleep that you will love.  The paragraph a legal disclaimer but does have value, so read it please.

Now if you have a medical illness that is keeping you from any sleep, you may need to see a physician because some sleep, even an hour or two is needed. If you are suffering from stress and vexing personal problems, that disturb your sleep,  you need to consider a psychotherapist    If you are the very unusual few who get absolutely no sleep then before learning my techniques, see a naturopathic physician or an allopathic physician of your choice. A consult with a physician who practices holistically is always advised.  However, if you my technique and in a few short days see the benefits as many do, you may not need to do that.  If you live in NY, like me, finding a naturopathic physician is hard as the medical lobby has all but excluded them from NY (insecure people are afraid competition) and so you may have to go to Ct. or NJ. I do believe in allopathic medicine (traditional American, Western medicine) but it is not a cure for everything and as you all know from the TV commercials medicine solves one problem while creating another and that is called “side effects.”  On the other hand if you are up dozens of times a night and are feeling like jumping out the window, do see your medical doctor and get a drug that helps for now as the risk it might carry may be worth the sleep that will save your sanity and your life. Once you have regained your sanity,  look for how to get off the drug, with professional help.

Now that you know if you are in the group that will benefit by reading on (those who at least get some sleep) it is time to learn my techniques for getting the rest your body, mind and soul need. There are two steps in this simple learning process.

The first step in allowing your body to rest and heal, if you are unable to sleep, is to create the sleep state without sleeping. In my opinion, the closest simple technique for achieving this is Transcendental Meditation (T.M.).  I have used this for many years and know of many friends who do this also with great benefit.  When you do T.M.  you will either gain from its benefits or fall asleep and either occurance will be fine!  One thing before you read Enjoying perfect harmony and balance - Meditationon, is that you must modify the T.M. instructions to come from the hyperlink below in one small way. In the T.M. instructions you are about to read, it tells you  not to lie down as if going to sleep but to recline comfortably; this is to avoid falling asleep when practicing T.M.   For the goals of ourcurrent discussion, change that to “lie down as if you are going to sleep” because in this case, if you fall asleep, it will be just fine!  Here is how do do T.M.,  my way, at no cost to you.  Learn this and then come back for step #2 below!

Now for the second step.  The second step is to use some technology to help with your sleep. If you don’t fall asleep doing T.M., then this is the next process to learn as you will do this after you have spent about 20 minutes in the T.M. state. Even if  you do fall asleep from T.M., learn this next step and use it as it will prove invaluable.

Get a smartphone (preferably Android)  and install the Free App called “Binaural Beats.”   I would recommend sleeping with your smartphone next to you bed and a pair of small earphones plugged into it. These should be good quality but the kind that you can sleep on without hurting your ears.  I recommend these phones from,  for less than $5.00!

MonoPrice Web Logo

These headphones fit right inside your ear so if you roll over and sleep on your side, they will not likely bother your ears. In addition, the price is excellent for what you are buying. Also, set your smartphone on “AirPlane Mode” so that it is not sending and receiving near your head all night.  It does transmit on microwave frequency and that cannot be good for your brain, if you want to keep it!  Your smartphone should be ideally under your pillow so that you move your body minimally to get it.  In other words, we do not want to disturb your deeply relaxed state.  You may even chose to have it set for Binaural Beats,  earphones in your ears so all you have to do is tap the app.

After you have achieved the deeply relaxed state you achieve with T.M.,  if you do not fall asleep,  get your SmartPhone, put in your earphones and start the Binaural Beats program.  You can have the App open and ready to use.  If you do, all you need to do is select, either Sleep Induction or  Lucent Dreaming.  Either mode should place your deeply relaxed body in a sleep state. The programs run for about an hour and if you then awaken, simply run them again. Binaural Beats  is a technique for helping your brain go into a sleep state.  Clinical experience has proved it very valuable.  Not enough Binaural beats therapy - beta - Android Apps on Google Playmoney has been spent on research to prove it to the scientific communities “required” satisfaction; but,  this is because there is no money to me made in something that is so readily available.  Like many other alternative or complimentary care treatments, we learn that they work from clinical experience .  If you have relaxed your body by using the T.M. system I have taught you, using Bianaural Beats will work much better than without the deep relaxation.  Even if you do this 3 or 4 times, and think you have not gotten much sleep, you will likely find that you are just fine all day long as if you have slept well.  If this does not work for you then you need to see a doctor as I mentioned earlier, as you must get rest to stay healthy.

The fun part that I mentioned earlier, is what you experience in states like T.M. or Lucent Dreaming,  especially in Lucent Dreaming. When your body is relaxed deeply and you then allow the Binaural Beats to take you to Lucent Dreaming, you may experience worlds of thought, color and sights you have never before seen. Yet, you will awaken refreshed as if you had a good nights sleep. You can also help induce these positive experiences by doing something positive before sleep for at least 30 minutes.  I recommend playing a musical instrument or if you don’t play at least listening to uplifting positive music before sleep.

If you get as good results as I do, please let me know.
Janr Ssor


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