Son Uses Father’s Gun to Defend Parents From Armed Home Intruders

Son Uses Father’s Gun to Defend Parents From Armed Home Intruder

guns save livds

They broke into his home when he and his parents were home. They did this intentionally because the family was home. When you break into a home to rob it you do so when there is no one home.  When you break into a home for rape or other violence, you do so when the people are home.  These criminals chose to do so when the family was clearly home!  There is no question as to their intention.

The son ran upstairs and got his dad’s gun and shot one of his pursuers.  I think he should be honored and given an award for bravery and quick thinking.  Instead, his pathetic father, said that it was sad that someone had to die in the incident.

Presidents Carry Guns - not ban them

Now if the father had used his brain at all, he would have recalled that the intruders, shoved him to the ground and then tried to force his wife to the ground.  Had the son not gotten the gun and the courage to defend the family,  what would have happened?  The father could not imagine this?  I do NOT think the men would have continued baking the cake the family was working on,  joined in the happy occasion and left some cash to pay for the party.  Had they done so,  then perhaps we could be sad someone died.

On the other hand, the rape of his wife and the murder of family members were much more likely.  Thank God the man had a gun, if not the intelligence to praise his son for using it!



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