I recently ran a free eye health screening in our town. Most of the people who came were Latino immigrants. I saw exactly what R D Revilo saw, a community of friends. It left me feeling happy for them bud sad for us at what we have lost in”success.”. Janr

The Mind of RD REVILO

  • Lunch Time, Church Time
  • it doesn’t take much to see
  • we’re still a segregated society
  • we’re mixed together, involuntarily
  • the melting pot, is freezing
  • not getting hot, but sneezing
  • I observed that mostly
  • during service, and eating lunch
  • people sat together, who shared
  • a common culture, a common language
  • an integrated table, very seldom,
  • the Asians, Latinos, brought cooked from Home
  • sat it in the center and shared, like Family
  • the un-wise, Americanized, sat with each other
  • eating their corporatized, laboratory-ized
  • fake food,  fast foods, frozen dinners,
  • feeding fatter, thinking thinner
  • talking together, but eating alone
  • the Haitians, Africans, Asians, Latinos,
  • sharing, caring
  • Americans, divided, unrequited
  • smiling, pleasant, deeply one-sided
  • which culture would you choose
  • think of your children,
  • without Family, community, what they lose
  • capitalism’s rugged individuality
  • whose only concern is money
  • or a sharing, caring, society
  • that doesn’t just feel
  • when there is a disaster
  • but everyday, keeps…

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