Heart disease prevention: statins vs. diet

Heart disease prevention: statins vs. diet.  <== Here is a great discussion of diet vs statins and some of its issues .   This was published on http://jennovafoodblog.com

———————  And This Is My Take On The Issue ———————–

This is a very important subject as in America we seem to prefer drugging people, and now even our children,   versus  helping them get healthy by feeding them real food.  After all,  this approach helps support the pharmaceutical industry and the manufacturers of junk food, whose financial power dictates what you read and hear in the media every day.

Today I heard on the radio that  “respected sources” are advocating for children in the US to be put on statins,  when their cholesterol is high.  I cannot tell you how angry this makes me feel. Over 8,000 retina images taken in our office at Holistic Vision care,  have shown clinically that diets Pasta free imagehigh carbohydrates clearly cause hardening of the arteries, at least in our office. I suspect is is quite similar elsewhere unless you live with Alice and the Queen of  Hearts. Many well respected authorities who are not involved with making money from pharmaceutical sources, like Dr Joseph Mercola, will tell you the same thing.  If you eat real food, rather than the processed junk that fills the center of supermarkets in America, you don’t need statin drugs or most other drugs.

To clarify this problem, I suggest that all foods that are modified by processing or genetically by drug companies such as Monstanto and the like, be required to go through the FDA research process to demonstrate their adverse affects or side FDA Badgeeffects and then have appropriate warning information in each package.  This could stimulate our economy by hiring lots more employees for the FDA.  You should also not be able to purchase them without a prescription that shows your doctor is willing to bet his license on the fact that it will not kill you over the next 10 – 20 years.  Attorneys could make some serious money by then prosecuting doctors who cannot understand that carrots, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes are lots safer than a quart of Chocolate Ice cream or a sleeve of  Ritz crackers.

When you extract and create heroin from plants and inject it,  you can bet it is addictive.  When you extract starches, sugars, salts and oils and synthetic flavorings and mix them into what some call processed “food.”   This too is addictive.  From watching my diabetic patients go blind and lose limbs in order to eat  “just one more bowl of that lovely pasta,”  I am pretty sure that manufactured foods are drugs.

Why not start a campaign to label them as such?  Oh, I forgot, the pharmaceutical industry would lose money.  Drat!



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