Abuse Of Power – Why You Need To Fear Albany And Obama!

In the Judeo-Christian heritage, of the Old Testament, we are taught that No Nazisthere is a Crime Worse Than Murder.  This is the crime of idle gossip. This is so because if your gossip slanders another, they and their family may live for years in misery and suffering because your words can deny them employment and opportunity.  Gossiping can also come from dishonest media and government that use deceit and its publication to make those Americans, cognizant of the their 2nd Amendment rights, who seek to be able to defend themselves look dangerous and irresponsible.

It turns out that the gunman in Sandy Hook, Ct,  did NOT use an assault weapon; he used hand guns!  This must have been known to the media because his rifle was in his car, unused,  while 4 handguns were found around the school.  If the police and investigators were too incompetent to see this,  then they they need to be permanently relieved of duty.

When elected officials act, as Albany and Obama have done,  to “use” the death of innocent children to attain a  ban on weapons that can be used defensively, we have to fear those who rush to ban our freedoms.  We must keep in mind the excuses the Nazi Germans used to ban weapons before beginning to kill the  12,000,000 Jews and Christians who could not defend themselves.

For years democrats have decried what they declared the “dishonesty” of  the Bush Administration when it came to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq;  here is their chance to correct this dishonesty and rescind the new laws  passed in Albany.  But don’t hold your breath or wait for Obama to apologize. See the NBC video below and know that you NEED to fear your government.  Fear them because it just may be that they fear your rebellion and want to disarm you now while you are still dreaming of their innocence.   Here is a better option than gun control [Click Here]


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