Do You Want To Preserve Yourself?

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I WANT TO CHANGE YOUR PARADIGM AS IT RELATES TO GERMS.  So, I asked “Do You Want To Preserve Yourself?” Let me rephrase the question.  Which state do you imagine is healthier,  being nearly bacteria free or having nearly 10 times as many Frightened Germsbacteria filling your body as you own cells?  At first glance the answer seems to be “bacteria free”; at least you would want this state if you follow the Western Medical Model  of using antibiotics to kill off “too” many bacteria.

A close friend recently had to start taking a medication for high blood pressure (at least until he loses weight).  This caused a side effect which was constipation   I told him to take probiotics (the bacteria similar to that in yogurt).  That helped.  He noted however that each time he had pickled fish for lunch,  the next day he was constipated again.  I looked at the pickled fish…

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