Pain May Lead To Pleasure

This morning I read a great blog by Prego and The Loon.  You may want to read it!  It inspired me to share a comment with its author.  Then, I thought, it was worth sharing with everyone. So here it is:

In the Davinci Code, when the albino monk shoots Jacques Saunier who is now in terrible pain, he said “Pain Is Good.” It is a cruel comment from a psychopathic killer. But, in looking back on life, there can be truth in this saying when applied to painful events that do not kill you. My wife is much more “spiritual’ then I, my friends believe. I was not sure what that meant long ago. However, in times when I was feeling “pain” she did not, because of her faith in God. She just knew what was happening was for the best and would soon work out that way. Short days like that she called “Personal Growth Days.”

A few days ago, to see what this really means I looked back on my life and mentally reviewed the painful experiences I had, those that lasted months or even a few years. In the long run, they were all in one way or another positive! I was a bit amazed to note this. I was more amazed to note that had I been able to enjoy her attitude, I would not have had as much pain. She had shared some of those events with me, since our marriage, and in some of those experiences, I had made myself miserable while she enjoyed her life. It was true that in some cases, I was fighting the battle and she was cheering me on but, what if I had expected more positive as she did?

When we learn to roller skate, most of us fall a few times and if we are little people we may cry and feel physically and emotionally hurt by our failures. Eventually, if we persist, we learn to skate and are elated. The pain (sized by our expectations) led to joy.

One of my favorite peaces of classical music is Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. It is a triumphant celebration of mans intellectual achievement and conquest of nature (or so I am told and feel when I listen to it). Each experience in life is not what it is but what we make of it and take of it. My divorce led to my new marriage and my new marriage led to a much more fulfilling life (though not free of pain). Looking back it was the best thing that happened to me. But not on the day, I shut myself in the dark closet, sat in a corner on the floor and cried, wishing I was dead.


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