Not For Gun Control!

Today I read an article in reaction to the recent school killings on a blog that I have found well written,  Tearmatt.  It was thought provoking,  but I believe in the right to bear arms. I am not sure about semi-automatic weapons though I am leaning towards no ban. It is very easy to forget that you can get in a car and use it to kill and maim streets full of people. On the other hand if law abiding citizens can carry weapons, they can stop that quickly, where the cop is no use being so far away. As for knives not killing…..have you been reading about China?     <== just look here on Wikipedia! Their reports are really nightmares.

Speaking of nightmares ask Steven King. Should we ban chainsaws? OK what about Drano and Lye? How about chemicals so you can’t make pipe bombs? Oh, I forgot ban all alcohol (again) and of course Sterno an propane! Now I just thought of this in a few minutes and I don’t ever read horror stories. How many more ideas will the maniac planning for months have?

Defense Man

I would trust in the average American on his way to work with his suitcase in hand, who has a gun strapped to his waist belt in a holster.   When it come to ethics and “god fearing”  the guy on the street is my man!

I would push for easy access classes on firearms safety and licensing. I would subsidies the fees or make it free!  The population licensed to carry firearms is even more law abiding then police according to records.  Lets get them on our side, like the Guardian Angles in NYC  (but not with those NYC restrictions).
Janr Ssor


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