Radicals Should Use Germ Warfare Before We Develop Antibiotics!

Germ warfare in a milder form can be food poisoning. Have you ever had food poisoning?  When you do,  you would rather die then live in that state of suffering.  It goes on and on for hours and the hours seem like days.  You sense that every orifice of your body is discharging something and doing it violently. You are so nauseous that you want to be unconscious. It feels like someone is sticking an ice pick into your head and twisting it Imageslowly. Did I miss something? Unfortunately I have personal experience with this.

Admittedly most of us survive this germ caused poisoning, so it is not a fair comparison to the germ warfare that some nations have used and most have banned. Antibiotics may be of help in some germ warfare events and they can be used in some rare cases of bacterial food poisonings. Actually antibiotics can worsen food poisoning and so they are rarely used.  Why are we talking about food poisoning?  Read on…

When I was on a trip with some friends, I got food poisoning. My friend, Dr Michael Gazsi, is a naturopath and he recommended that I take small handfuls of probiotics every 15 minutes as a treatment.  I did this and it worked amazingly well!  The next day I asked how this worked? He said the probiotics competed with the “bad” bacteria for food and space in my gut. As a result of the huge quantities of probiotics I was taking,  the “bad” bacteria had no place to settle and little food to consume.  They were starved to death and pushed out my gut.  He said the problem with modern western medicine was that they used antibiotics to kill off “bad” bacteria and in the process created the frightening infections like MRSA infections that killed patients in hospitals. In essence antibiotics create super bugs! Real germ warfare.

It occurred to me that if this works so well for food poisoning,  why not use it for other conditions?  It is very likely that most “bad” bacteria have an anti-bacteria and many of these may be very tolerable by humans.  Why?  Well, there are some people who tolerate bad foods while other’s get very sick.  It seems possible that they have a gut helper like my friends probiotics. If we can identify them we can use them.

Here is an example: My friend Dr Pavel Mihok,  pickles his own vegetables.  He taught me how.  You basically take (un-sprayed organic) vegetables,  wash off the dirt with plain water (no soap) and pack them tightly in a big jar.  Then you add spices like garlic, black pepper etc for flavoring.  Finally you fill it with water and a fair amount of salt.  I use a jar called a pickle meister,  that has a valve to keep bacteria from getting in from the surrounding air.  Then you let it sit for about 5 days and it pickles itself.  What pickles the veggies is the Natural Multiple forms of bacteria that exist in earth that has not been poisoned by pesticide and synthetic fertilizers.  In essence, you will have a lot of bacteria that have evolved to be part of you as you evolved!  These bacteria will protect your body from infection and disease and even digest foods you cannot into vitamins and nutrients that make you healthy!   These are the original probiotics you can read about in the bible; it is the fermentation they used to preserve food thousands of years ago. We adapted to these bacteria and them to us!  They are the real safe germ warfare you want!

If you want to do this,  be sure you read all the details of how to do this safely.  It is easy but you need information.  So become a radical and break away from the toxic way of living that we call the American diet!   This is one step in the right direction and the best use of germ warfare.



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