Staying Healthy By Choosing “Germs!”

My mom always through out food that started to grow moldy.   But we all know that Penicillin is a mold that saved millions of lives. Grapes that are rotten with mold are bad to eat but when their cousins the yeasts get them, we get wine,which in moderation is healthy.  

Last year my friend  Dr. Pavel Mihok brought all sorts of food delicacies to a meeting of alternative health care doctors which gather monthly.  One of those foods was a variety of vegetables in salt water that he let sit so it could grow bacteria.  There were, carrots, onions, cucumbers, cauliflower and green tomatoes.  These were what our ancestors called pickles or pickled vegetables.  I tried them and was instantly hooked.  Would you have tried them?  Well,  if you know Pavel, he is a smart guy and you can trust his judgment, so it was not big decision.  One of my favorites was the pickled carrots!  The jar was filled with simply salt water, veggies and the natural bacteria that was on them . The secret is that the salt water kills off the “bad germs”  and promotes the growth of the “good germs”  which are what we call probiotics!  Probiotics are what yogurt manufacturers sell you as healthy for your digestion. You can buy pills that are made of probiotics too. These good bugs help you stay healthy.

Most probiotic pills  contain no more than 10 billion good bacteria.  One serving of fermented vegetables can contain 10 times as much! Fermented foods also give you a broad spectrum of beneficial bacteria, especially the ones we have evolved with and are most compatible with.

The bottom line is make your own!  It takes about 6 days to make a gallon jug that you can keep in the fridge for months!  It will save you lots of MONEY and keep you healthy,  which you can put no price tag on.  Here is a link to the Pickle Meister, a turnkey system for making your homemade pickles quickly and safely.

Janr Ssor



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