Proud To Be An American

Last year during Christmas, when we were in the third year of our struggles with recession.  I went to put money into the Salvation Army Kettle, at a local supermarket,  and could barely stuff in the bills because it was so full!  I was proud of my community and the people who make America great,  all of us “little”  people.

Today a few weeks before Christmas,  I was shopping at Hannaford’s  Supermarket,  now in the 4th year of the longest recession I have ever been through.  My community has not been spared in any magical way;  however, the hearts of the people who are my neighbors have not grown cold from winter or the pain of financial drain.  Here is the phone picture I took before leaving:

This wall of food gift boxes is created of the  donations from shoppers who purchased this gift for an

Food Gifts IMG_20121209_144953

unknown family who might need help this season.  There is over $3,000.00 in gifts for needy families and it is just starting to grow!  We have two more weeks before Christmas and many other supermarkets doing the same thing.  I hope to see the whole front window blocked out with gifts of love and charity before Christmas and I bet it will be!  Putnam county is a great place to live!

Janr Ssor


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