Why al-Qaeda finds no recruits in India

Here is an interesting report about the impoverished Muslims in India who, for the most part, do not support terrorism. Why is that? The article claims that meS0K1obecause they are Sufi and integrated into India’s culture they resist Al-Qaeda. This has been so despite the pogroms from Hindu extremists and recent divisions of communities on religious boundaries. It is an interesting concept to believe that Mulims who by all accounts are unable to share freedom of religion with others might not be totally frozen in a mold of intolerance. I do however recall the recent Mumbai killing of a rabbi and his family, which was very much an act of Islamic terrorism, so I am not sold on this author’s conclusions but hopeful for the future. Read this interesting article below. Why al-Qaeda finds no recruits in India – http://pulse.me/s/fYJh0


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