Recommendations for Tamiflu Are Based on “Nothing”

A few years ago NY State tried to coerce doctors, nurses and other hospital workers to take the flu shot or lose their jobs.  They finally backed off; but not after many people were pressured to do something they did not want to do and risk their lives and health!Syringe injecting child

Now local health care facilities are again pressuring workers with loss of their jobs. Just before Thanks Giving many were fired for refusing flu shots.  I never take them and have NO belief in them (see Dr Mercola’s article below).  NO ONE owns your body or your life.  When a corporation can dictate this too you YOU ARE A SLAVE. If hospitals want to reduce the spread of disease,  have doctors and nurse wash their hands and wear masks if they are sick.  Contaminated clothing etc. is the biggest cause of the spread of infection in hospitals.   Despite the great things hospitals can do many still kill more people because they have still not learned the lessons .  Hand washing and masks are a good solution.  After all, even vaccinated workers can STILL spread flu!  Since we know this,  I wonder who profits from Tami Flu sales?

Dr Joseph Mercola’s Thoughs


NY State Gov Paterson backs off on forcing flu vaccine in 2009

Gov Paterson Backs Off


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