Homelessness, by Annette J Dunlea, is a must read! It describes the painful plight of the poorer people of Ireland. It also hints at the cancerous decline of the middle class in America and elsewhere in the free world. How did prosperous dynamic societies fall pray to this plight? It is my contention that it is the economic plight brought on my the predatory, parsimonious mindset of corporations and politicians, who will sell their children’s future for an ounce of gold. There is a solution and it is not painful, a return to the ethics mandated by a society where the buyer shakes the sellers hand and the price of purchase is less important than the mans reputation.
Janr Ssor


Homelessness In Ireland: Its Our Secret Shame by Annette J Dunlea

Published In The Carrigdhoun Newspaper 20th Oct 2012 p.11

Homelessness is among the biggest challenges faced by Irish society.Ireland’s cities have joined other rich, successful cities like London and San Francisco in developing a very visible homeless problem.Every night, the doorways of city centre offices and the portals of churches are occupied by people sleeping rough.The most evident aspect of this  crisis that is also spilling out onto the streets of Dublin,Cork, Waterford, Galway and other Irish towns. Emergency accommodation for the homeless is full to overflowing. Families are living in bed and breakfasts because there is nowhere else for them to stay. Unprecedented numbers of young people are living out of home.These young people are ill-equipped to deal with the brutality of the street culture they enter.The thousands at the bottom of council housing lists are only one…

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