This Food Nearly Guarantees You Tumors!

Corn should be healthy, if eaten in moderation; but, not if it is GMO corn, genetically altered by Monsanto.  Almost ALL the corn in your supermarket is Monsanto’s genetically modified corn!  Listen to this short video below,  from Dr Joseph Mercola,  reporting on the latest  studies of this  Serious Danger To Your Children’s Health!   Then consider supporting the California proposition to require labeling of GMO products,  such as the  unlabeled supermarket corn,  that is killing you and your children!  Join the center for food safety’s petition to congress.  All across the world countries are banning Monsanto’s  GMO foods.  Even countries like Russia are banning Monsanto’s toxic harvest and other countries will follow soon.

The Nazis experimented on innocent children in prison camps,  and in historical retrospect the world has labeled the Nazis the most evil people in human history.   Monsanto is doing the same with your children.  Think about it!   All across the world nations are banning Monsanto’s dangerous “foods.”   Here is the latest report from French Scientists.


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