Your Tax Dollars Fund’s “China Motors!” – The GM Bail Out Results.

Here is an amazing video showing how your tax dollars are financing the profits of Wall Street while selling America’s jobs and technology to a communist nation,  China.

There is no end to the greed of wall street and our corrupt government.

But,  what could a creative mind do with such real estate opportunities?    Do you not think there are people living in Detroit that would be willing to work a production line rather than accept welfare?   Do you think they would be willing to live in “Condo Micro’s,”  a concept I have proposed for many years,  that would offer pride of ownership to workers  and allow low salaries to manufacturer’s  who created opportunity?  Look at Detroit and imagine not the economic destruction you see but the opportunity it offers.  Bailing out a dying industry is like feeding a cancer rather than killing it.   It is time to kill GM,  which is now a cancer on America.


















This is not wreckage,  it is infrastructure;  this is not the end it can be the beginning.  America must manufacture products as we did before because its workforce needs jobs that are not all “intellectual.”    China is proof that manufacturing is profitable!    If we don’t accept this needed industry, we will have rebellion.   If  this need is not recognized  the fate of  America’s elite leadership,  in Washington and Wall Street may be like that of Marie Antoinette.

Janr Ssor



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