80,000 Eyes Don’t Lie! – The Holistic Eye Doctor’s Diet

Click the link below to read this in progress book on diet and health…. it will be updated regularly, so stop back to read more as it becomes available. 

80,000 Eyes Don’t Lie –

The Holistic Eye Doctor’s Diet

Updated as of  7/18/2012

Janr Ssor


3 comments on “80,000 Eyes Don’t Lie! – The Holistic Eye Doctor’s Diet

    • Interesting thought. IN my experience, I view it a bit differently. Optometrists tend to be the Primary Care Physician of eye care. We can look for an diagnose a vast array of eye diseases as well as systemic diseases that are expressed, often first, in the eye. These include things like diabetes, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, even brain tumors. In contrast we can diagnose and treat motor related learning problems and even perceptual ones. Glasses and contact lenses are certainly a mainstay of the profession. Ophthalmology, medical doctors who decided to specialize in eyecare, tend to focus on very unique and critical surgical needs, that we as optometrist refer for when needed. The water is muddied by the “chain stores” that are trying to look like Optometry practices but in truth are retail stores selling frames and lenses. It can get very confusing.

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