Communication Between Stars

In my writings you will find that planets, solar systems and galaxies speak to each other.  What does this mean?

“My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,’ says the Lord.  ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways,  And My thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9

In the Judeo-Christian Bible we are told that we cannot understand or speak to God because of  the lack of common ground, since we are so “small” by comparison.  There is greater truth in this than the words themselves speak.

What incredible egotism might make us think that we are the only things around that communicate in a meaningful manner?  Yet this belief is common today.  It is now well documented that some  of us see Auras,  can “read minds”, predict future outcomes,  even change future events, by just thinking about them.  This should be enough to make us wonder what other exotic forms of communication abound. On an apparently more mundane level,  we have recently learned that microbes that live in high flying clouds,  can determine if it will rain  or not.   How does this connect with with planets?  Start thinking about how our planet is full of living things (other than us) that are microscopic. All these things are in communication as science is learning.   For example,  when bacteria that can resist your immune system, get into your body,  they multiply to a large army and when they have amassed enough soldiers they SIGNAL each other and attack in unison!    Actually,  I think of them most often as a clean up crew that removes dead tissue you have created by abusing your body.  In any event, there is great communication between microbes.   Now imagine the incredible variety of microscopic living things that make up the Earth and begin to realize that the Earth is very much a living being, like you are.   If you still don’t believe that something made of a variety of microbes can be a “single” living thing then consider this;   you have 10x the number of bacterial cells in your body than your “own” cells.   Don’t you consider yourself to be  a “single” living being?

So lets take a quick re-cap of our discussion.  You are made of 10x as many “non-you” bacterial cells as “you” bacterial cells and you are also full of fluids and minerals (rock like substances).  The Earth is made of lots of cells,  minerals and fluids.  There is a strong similarity. Ok,  you take a swig on your bottle of  Bud Lite Lime and look at me and say,  “Yeah that’s all true but we have a nervous system that puts it all together …. I don’t see one for the Earth!”   I say,   “Great observation,  good point!” Now scientists think that the glob of fat and neurons in you head is where “YOU”  exist.  Not that they in any way can prove it.  They just notice that if you cut pieces out of the grey matter,  as in “ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST”  you behave differently.  I  buy that but not the conclusion.  It is just as reasonable to propose,  as I believe,  that the grey matter is the system that makes every cell in your body work together as a team but is in reality is also a connection between you and your spiritual self much as your phone connects you to a friend.  Still you say, “Yeah, all good and well but without those axons and dendrites connecting all the cells together to make you one you would be a blob of cells not a single being.”   Good point! Now we have to notice that when we get to “Higher” beings than us,  it is not all going to look the same.  After all a flesh and blood creature as big as the Earth would collapse under its own weigh and gravity!   So… big beings need different structures.   In this case the Earth has  a molten core and is build of solid rock and metallic substances ….etc.  Now as for a nervous system of neurons… it has got to be much more exotic and perhaps we cannot define it clearly.   This is because we cannot fathom its purpose!   And that is why my discussion started with the quote from Isaiah. However,  if you begin to think about it,  there are very clearly signs of coordinated functions.  This is what a nervous system does, coordinate different living parts to make it work as a whole.

Lets consider how some communications system might be  working as a whole for the Earth.  If one species gets too dominant,  another life form “appears” that helps keep its number down!  There is a homeostasis.  This is evident all over the world.  We just now are learning about how clouds are controlled by living microbes which very likely “signal” to each other.  We now know that there are very capable organisms living in the depth of the Earth at temperatures near boiling,  and they love radiation as much as you do Sun shine on the beach.   So the forces of life can be found all over the Earth at every point just like cells in your body.

Taking a second swig of Bud Light Lime, you say, “Yes,  I give in to the point that the Earth may be full of living cells at every point and that could work together as a living thing but,  I still don’t see the nervous system.”    Okay,  I understand,  it is not easy because we are talking about something so high above us on the scale of life that we cannot begin to imagine its functions and needs.   So lets take a bit of an imaginative look at communication.   There are an average of 100-200 lightening strikes every second on the Earth.  It is the rhythm of these energy releases that stimulate and affect living beings… including YOU!  In 1952 the physicist Dr. Schumann discovered that the space between the Earth and the Ionosphere created a cavity that resonated like a musical instrument. Electrical energy which is produced by lightning strikes in the earth’s atmosphere constantly generate vibrations which bounce off  the Earth’s Resonant Cavity and generate electromagnetic waves. These energy waves are produced by electrical activity in the atmosphere bouncing off the Earth.  Every second hundreds of lightning strikes hit the Earth. These lightening strikes create the Earth’s resonating cavity.  This is much like the resonance in your brain when it is functioning at an ideal level; and there is a strong connection!  Much like a tuning fork, the planet Earth has natural frequencies, and they are called “Schumann Resonances”.    Schumann discovered that this electromagnetic field oscillates at a resonant frequency of 7 to 10 beats per second. The highest-intensity waves of the Schumann Resonance occur at a frequency of 7.83 Hz.  This frequency is identical to that of human brain waves! Does the Earth have axons and dendrites?  Not in the sense that we do but there is a system of electrical resonance that you now know of,  that actually drives your brain function and it comes from lightening.  The Earth is talking directly to your head… and you are listening at a higher level.  In addition we know that microbes can signal each other with chemical signals and likely electrical ones.   The Earth can and does respond to changes in its environment,  by the over population of one species or another.   Perhaps you are now noting that there just might be something to my short essay on the Earth Is Living.  But,  you say, “What would the Earth have to say if it can talk and who would it talk too?”

I will take you back to Isaiah and tell you that I am not exactly sure and don’t anticipate every knowing.  However,  there are lots of other planets out there to talk to and lots of other solar systems to have discussions with.   How would the words reach them,   would a sentence take a hundred years to speak as the Earth lives lots longer than we will and it just might speak much slower relatively speaking?  If you are beginning to have thoughts fill your head as you finish your Bud Lite lime and you want to know what this all might be like;  then I would encourage you to read,  Timeless Search,  by your’s truly.    Oh yeah,  and there is a coming book,  The Carnneeg,  that will deal more with this topic.  Yes they are sci-fi but as John Lennon said, “If you can dream it,  it is reality!”

Janr Ssor

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